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Easter Sunday – A Holiday Slasher Throwback

As a special Easter treat, Northgate Pictures is egg-cited to present the first six minutes of Jeremy Todd Morehead’s Easter SundayEaster Sunday was fully funded on Kickstarter last Julyand now backers and 80′s slasher connoisseurs alike are able to get a sneak peak of the first few minutes of the film. The slasher throwback stars Robert Z’Dar (Maniac Cop) and Ari Lehman (Friday the 13th). Does it make you want to watch the entire flick with a group of friends and case of beer?  Watch the first six minutes of the flick and let us know — so bad it’s good or a rotten egg?

It’s been 24 years since the deranged serial killer Douglas Fisher was executed by police on Easter night. This year, a group of hard-partying teenagers not only raise some hell, but literally raise the dead! The teens accidentally conjure the spirit of Douglas Fisher… AKA the bunny masked killer! These teens have until midnight on Easter to stop the evil bunny slasher, or he will tear their town – and everyone in it – to pieces.



Hemlock Grove Season 2 Teaser


Ready for some more Hemlock Grove? So are we.

Check out the teaser for season two of the Emmy-nominated thriller Hemlock Grove. Set to debut via Netflix on July 11th, we recommend everyone grab at least a days worth of popcorn and tasty beverages and settle in for what should be an amazing marathon.

Source: IGN


Shop ’til You Drop Dead: Bloodlust Productions

We recently discovered the Necronomi-Thong! And even better news – thanks to its recognition and identification by Tom Sullivan - we now know who created the devilish design! Bloodlust Productions is a company based out of Colorado that specializes in horror FX of all sorts. Full masks, half masks, aprons, and . . . swimsuits. Yep, that’s what hooked us into the site. The swimsuits.

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Though not something you’ll want to wear by the pool or to the beach, this imitation-flesh apron would surely make a great kitchen accessory for any fan of creepy cannibals à la Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Hannibal.


Check out Bloodlust Productions on Etsy for more gore-geous apparel and props!

Let us know if you have a favorite virtual chopping mall you’d like us to check out.