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IT (2017) Restored Faith in Remakes

I find it nearly impossible these day to avoid cringing when I hear that a beloved horror film is getting remade. It’s almost instinctual at this point – immediately sighing at the casting news, rolling my eyes at the poster artwork and finding myself wanting when the teaser trailers arrive. Admittedly I have become jaded and fully embraced the “get off my lawn” attitude when it comes to the “re-imagination” of our beloved horror films. I had reached a breaking point this year with The Mummy. My excitement was squashed that life would be restored to some of the most iconic horror films of all time the moment I saw Tom Cruise was involved. And any sliver of hope I had for this franchise was stabbed repeatedly once I saw the actual train wreck of the film.

it_posterAnd then? IT happened. IT happened slowly, a methodical and steadily paced wave of excitement. Every. Single. Preview I saw for IT made me question my hesitation to be open to remakes. Our first look at Pennywise? I was confused at how instant my love for it was. That first teaser trailer? I scored the internet for hours hoping to hunt down additional teasers. Something about this film felt different. IT captivated me. IT convinced me that as much as I adore Tim Curry it was okay to adore Bill Skarsgård too. And once I saw it opening night?

IT completely shattered my preconceptions on horror remakes. IT was fantastic.

I knew going into the film that Chapter One was going to take some liberties from the novel it’s based upon – namely segregating the children’s tale from the adults. By doing this versus shifting back and forth between past and present it allowed the Director Andy Muschietti and the children (Georgie, Bill, Mike, Richie, Eddie, Stanley and Beverly) to develop into characters you want to care about. Unlike the novel the kids are growing up in the late 80’s and the extra time spent on developing their personalities and relationships result in hysterical dialogue and sometimes uncomfortable truths. Much like the band of kids in Monster Squad and Stranger Things, these 80’s kids are real. They’re prepubescent – perverted. They like girls, they curse, and they stick together despite chaos swirling around them from monsters of all kinds – supernatural and some closer to home. In fact adults in general are limited in this film. Their presence is purposeful – namely focusing on the relationship between Beverly and her abusive father and Eddie and his abusive mother.


The story line should be familiar to anyone who has ready the book or seen the made for TV movie – Bill’s brother Georgie goes missing while floating his boat, the S. S. Georgie through a storm. Children in Derry go missing all the time. But when the children start to encounter the dancing clown known as Pennywise they realize it’s time to either fight – or float. And Pennywise? Is terrifying. Kudos are due to Bill Skarsgård and the makeup and special effects team behind his look. He is sweet. Charming. And then his is not – that viciously pointed smile dripping with drool and desire for fear. Bill Skarsgård managed to nail some haunting movement with his mannerisms and as someone not scared of clowns? I was surprised to cringe once or twice out of sheer discomfort and perhaps a little bit of terror.

If you haven’t already – make it a point to see this movie in theaters. Even if like me you doubted the legitimacy of remakes, IT may change your mind. As IT continues to break box office records I eagerly await the news on Chapter 2. If it’s anything like the first chapter it’s bound to be impressive. And this newest member of the Loser club, a once upon a time curmudgeon when it came to remakes, wouldn’t miss IT for the world.


Blood Drive

Blood Drive verticle

Blood Drive is a new TV series on the Syfy Network that airs on Wednesday nights at 10pm EST. Most of you probably rolled your eyes at the mention of Syfy. Hey, I get it. I did the same thing, but being the horror lover that I am I decided to sit down and give Blood Drive a shot.

Allow me to tell you about my new favorite show. Set in a near-dystopian future where gas is more than the average Joe can afford and cars have been modified to run on blood. Human Blood.

CarThis show has such a fantastic cast, and each actor does an outstanding job with the roles they were given. The characters vary from a corporate cyborg down to a racer named Clown Dick. Yes, you read that right, Clown Dick. Syfy is definitely pushing the envelope with this one. Lots of gore, sex appeal, and F bombs are a staple of this show. It keeps you locked in waiting to see just what they’ll do next. Also, be sure to watch the commercials, some of them are straight out of the program.

Blood Drive is a breath of fresh air. It pokes fun at the over sensitive masses, and goes so far as to even set up a complaint line that you can call. Trust me, sit down and watch one episode. Start from the beginning with “This Fucking Cop” and you’ll be hooked. There are 13 episodes in total each with a different grindhouse theme that continues the storyline. If you enjoy Grindhouse films, gore and all around badassery then this new show on Syfy is for you.

Oh yeah, that complaint line I mentioned, give it a call. 1- 325-400-3423. Slink is waiting.



GeekiTiki’s Present Universal Monster Tiki Mugs

Beeline Tikis

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