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Year of Fear

year-of-fearLike horror movies? Like attractive men? Then Ama Lea, a photographer from Los Angeles is about to make your 2017. Check out some pictures from her Year of Fear 2017 calendar, featuring horror favorites like Ash and Jason so you can celebrate the attractive side of horror all year long.



Pick up your own copy here.


Stranger Things Coffee

You know what goes great with Eggos? Coffee.

Check out this amazing new brew by our favorite coffee company Coffee Shop of HorrorsStrange Brew with hints of both waffles and syrup.


Head over to their official website to grab a bag or if you’re in Orlando swing by Spooky Empire Oct 7-9th, grab a bag and meet all your favorite kids from Stranger Things!


Little Nightmares


Tarsier Studios and Polygon have released a sneak peek of their new game, Little Nightmares previewed at Gamescon and? It looks delightfully terrifying.

You play the game as a tiny child trying to escape hungry monsters. Sounds simple right? In order to survive you have to learn to handle the world from a whole new perspective and get creative with your escape attempts, solve puzzles and using your surroundings to hide, all while trying not to get captured and eaten.

The trailer is absolutely stunning. Check it out below. Little Nightmares will be available on most platforms in early 2017.