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Mysterious Mansion of Gatlinburg


Just because October is over doesn’t mean the scares have to stop. In Gatlinburg Tennessee you’ll find a year round haunt that has been running since 1980. This family owned and operated haunt is one of the most unique ones this writer has ever been to.

This haunt holds three stories of scares, hidden passages and live actors ready to indulge your appetite for fear.

When you walk up to this three story house your met with spooky music and an old hearse outside, complete with a coffin inside. Welcome to Mysterious Manor.

Your journey into the macabre begins in the parlor where guests are left to wait for direction. An old radio sits in the corner and once the voice comes over the speaker you know you’re in for a treat.20170219_212228

First you must find your way out of the room and begin your ascension into terror. Scare actors come at you from the shadows urging you onward.

There were a few times we became lost in a room full of doors. When you think you’ve found your way you discover that you’ve been turned around. But this isn’t the way you came, is it?

You continue into rooms with set designs right out of your nightmares. The scenic work is beautiful. Your visual and olfactory senses are assaulted from bathroom to butcher block. You wind down halls filled with faces of the damned and find yourself maneuvering through bodies to freedom.


At the end you find yourself back on the front porch. Don’t worry, your’e safe for now.

The theme and decor is ever-changing, so at different times of the year new nightmares are brought to life. On Halloween they step it up with more scare actors and self applied makeup.

If you find yourself in Gatlinburg Tennessee be sure to check out this local haunt. You’ll be glad you did, and haunted if you miss this Mysterious Mansion.

Visit their website at: http://gatlinburgsmysteriousmansion.com/



Castle Rock Teaser Trailer


Once again Stephen King and J.J. Abrams are teaming up with Hulu to bring us a new mini-series. And this time it’s about one of the most haunted and infamous locations any Stephen King fan or bibliophile is sure to recognize – Castle Rock. Sound familiar? It should. Castle Rock is the setting of numerous King stories over the years, including Cujo,  Needful Things and The Body. But even when the town itself isn’t the center of King’s stories, it is mentioned in his novels and films including Sleepwalkers, Pet Sematary, It, Dreamcatcher, Creepshow, The Stand and many more.

What could be more exciting than a series based around a fictional town that has connections to or has bred some of horror literature’s most infamous monsters? In the teaser below it looks like King and Abrams are connecting the dots between the events of King’s novels and their relationship to this small Maine town.


Tales From The Crypt Promo?


It’s been awhile since we have heard updates on TNT’s “Tales From the Crypt” series by  M. Night Shyamalan – but it looks like there may be a teaser floating around on the internet. Maybe. If it doesn’t end up to be an official teaser perhaps TNT should reach out to the creative team behind it because it certainly captured the feel one would expect out of this reboot.



What we do know for sure is that it’ll be some time until the Crypt Keeper makes his television return due to further delays on the series. Due to issues revolving around rights, a 2017 premiere is unlikely. But there is always hope.