Even the Old Ones wear Old Spice

I happen to be a big fan of  H.P  Lovecraft's  Great Elder God Cthulhu.  I own a whole slew of Cthulhu plushies (my Squishies), as well as a myriad of shirts, slippers, and even a Christmas wreath.  This is brilliance and made my day.  BRAIN IN A JAR!! 



Carpe Noctem…






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About Dementia

Said to be the demi-spawn of the Old Ones, Dementia was conjured up in Darkness (some say by the devil himself) in a small village in the Banewoods where she began her torrid love affair with all things supernatural horror. She has been sighted chasing serial killers, cavorting with demons, exploiting ghostly entities, and fiendishly plotting with various nocturnal bloodthirsty creatures. These sightings have lead to a small but devout cult following to spring up around her at the various conventions she attends. Dementia spends her free time designing epic costumes, being a snarky horror snob, and generally enslaving humanity. Beware the woods at night… beware the lunar light…