Shop ’til You Drop Dead: Brains, Bloody Knives, and Toxic Waste

While preparing for this Halloween season, I have discovered more gruesome items from the creators of the vampire fang “Cold Blooded” ice cube tray.

Fred & Friends has an assortment of novelty items which they supply to select stores as well as online vendors, such as Amazon and Perpetual Kid, but the five products listed below are some of the most deliciously dreadful. These goodies would be ideal for any horrific event, be it a general Halloween party, zombie fest, horror sleepover, or a Friday the 13th shin-dig.

Braaaaaaaains in your drink!

I like the design of these ice cube trays even more than the vampire fangs! With these ice cubes floating around your tasty beverage, you don’t even have to think about what you’re drinking…the ice is already doing that for you.

And imagine, if you encounter any unwanted zombie guests, you can appease them with a cup o’ brains…that is, until the ice melts.

Get some: Fred & Friends Brain Freeze Ice Cube Tray


These tumblers are ideal for the human disposal of delicious toxic drinks.

Picture a party with a bunch of mad scientists, zombies, monsters, and other creepy crawlers  imbibing crazy concoctions out of these. Maybe you’d like to just fill them up with some iced tea, sit outside, and chat with your friends? Or perhaps fill these up with your favorite brew and get ready for game time?

The brain ice cubes would look sick floating around in these!

Get some: Fred & Friends Polluted Glass, Set of 2


These coasters remind me of Nickelodeon’s slime…or maybe it’s that gooey toy called gak? Nonetheless, these coasters will certainly protect your surfaces while adding a certain dangerous biohazard feel to the room. They are subtle accents but I firmly believe in the power of details.

And if you plan on buying the polluted glasses, you may as well make an extra online click and get the coasters, too!

Get some: Fred & Friends Toxic Spills Coasters, Set of 4


And for the cupcake-loving ghouls, cupcake molds in the shape of skulls with the top cut off to expose the BRAAAAIN! Four silicone skulls come in a box – so if  get three sets then you’ll have a dozen craniums. On the Fred & Friends website there’s even a recipe for the frosting.



1 recipe for vanilla frosting (or a store-bought tub)

confectioners’ sugar (for stiffer frosting )

red or black food coloring (or both)

pastry bag and a large round tip (#12 works well)

Add confectioners’ sugar to the frosting until it‘s stiff enough to hold its form, yet still soft enough to pipe. To the frosting add food coloring(s) to reach desired color. If your cupcakes aren’t dome shaped, pile on a small mound of frosting first. Then pipe two lines down the center of the cupcake. Finally, pipe a squiggly pile of frosting onto each “hemisphere” –  Mmmm…brains.

Get some: Fred & Friends Nomskulls Cupcake Mold


My kitchen will never be complete until I own this piece of evidence.

Imagine walking into a friend’s place for a dinner party; the delicious food is still cooking, because, let’s be honest, dinner parties are seldom on schedule. You walk into the kitchen to say ‘hey’ and you see your friend dicing basil with this 8″ stainless steel BLOODSPLATTERED chef’s knife.

Now, imagine if you’re the one chopping up veggies with this blade. And a friend walks in to say ‘hey’ but instead exclaims a ‘What the –?!’ That’s when you slowly look up and grin in the most devious and twisted way you can manage, followed by a cackle. Hell, while you’re at it, you should just say ‘HEERREEEE’S JOHNNY!’
Become a Kitchen Killer: Bloody Evidence!

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