They Live – But They Don’t Wear Glasses

Like to chew bubble gum and kick ass? Then you make me stoked to hear more news about the remake of “They Live”.

The original movie directed by John Carpenter was inspired by the short story  “Eight O’Clock in the Morning” written by science fiction author Radell Faraday Nelson and a tale entitled “Nada” straight from the Aliens Encounters comic book.  The film played heavily on the consumer obsession and economic woes of the 80’s and featured a man named Nada who through a process of mishaps stumbles upon a set of glasses that allow him to see subliminal messages. Oh, and creepy alien-skull faces too. Chaos ensues.

Producer Eric Newman discussed the remake briefly at New York Comic Con this past weekend and spilled a little hint about some possible changes to the mechanism Roddy Piper’s character (Nada) uses to spot the aliens..

We’re discussing that. I’d like to say that really, a vagrant wandering around the streets could get you to try on his sunglasses, if he would leave you alone afterwards. He may even pay you $100, “Hey put these on.” So we’re kind of exploring different versions of what is that thing that allows you to see. But I’m not going to tell you what it is.

So what do you think? Contacts? Camera lens?

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