While scouring the interwebs for more cutie patootie horror shirts for me to snag, I stumbled across this shirt on Threadless. Entitled “Zombies in Wonderland” and designed by Alice X Zheng AKA silverqe, this shirt is on sale for ONLY $10.00!! You can’t even buy lunch on that nowadays. My favorite part is the “Eat Me” tag on the Zombie’s wrist. It’s a reprint so snag quickly here.

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Some say the pen is mightier than the sword. Ash Wednesday believes so, especially when you use one to stab somebody in the eye! Her first big girl book was Jurassic Park in 4th grade and she's been a sci-fi/horror book fan ever since. With her affinity for things with big teeth and biting habits, she also loves good (or really bad) zombie, vampire and supernatural flicks. For the record, vampires don't sparkle.