24 Hours of Halloween TV

Photo Courtesy of Island Crisis

Photo Courtesy of Island Crisis

Tomorrow is the big day: Halloween!

You’ll probably be far too busy to sit around and watch TV.  But if you’re looking for some festive filler fare (background noise?), here are some suggestions.  This is by no means a complete list – i’ve passed over some excellent films and tv shows, listing only the ones that i’ll be watching.  Or flipping back & forth between.  Yes, yes… i’m a flipper; let’s not talk about it ever again.

If you don’t have these cable channels – don’t sweat it.  Most of these movies and tv shows are available streaming as well, so you can check them out online.

  • 12am – Jeepers Creepers, MTV; 28 Days Later (12:15) – AMC
    • Jeepers Creepers is just good, creepy, monster fun with characters who grow on you.  28 Days Later is an assault on your system, with characters you like and relate to.  Either way, you’re going to be entertained.
  • 2:20am – The Serpent and the Rainbow, Cinemax West; Zombieland (2:40), Starz
    • Serpent is an unsettling, cinematic masterpiece, and Zombieland is the best Popcorn Horror movie ever made (yet).  It’s a fun pair of opposites, which i plan to exploit by flipping.  Heh.
  • 4am – Is It Real ? Vampires episode, National Geographic Channel
    • National Geographic goes to Romania and uses forensic science to learn more about the real history of Dracula; and talks to a “real” vampire.  Perfectly Halloween-y.
  • 5:05am – Frailty, OuterMax – Brilliant, Twisty, and Scary – this unsung gem starring Bill Paxton is worth setting the remote down for.  The final twist?  Genius.
  • 7am – Haunted – Universal; Underworld: Rise of the Lycans – Stars West
    • Pickin’s are pretty slim at 7am.  I guess we’re supposed to be asleep or something.  Instead, i’ll oogle Matthew Fox in the underwatched and short-lived TV series Haunted on Univeral HD.  A private eye who can see dead people.  Yes.  Alternately, i’ll be tuning into Rise of the Lycans.  Not remotely a great picture, but at least it’s werewolves are real were’s – and there’s some pretty good gore, too.
  • 8am – Halloween (1975), AMC. Get your day started of proper with the greatest slasher of all time.
  • 9:45am – The Crazies, Starz. Timoshy Olumel (… or is it Joshathy Dumyphont?) stars alongside one of my favorite genre heroine (Radha Mitchell) in this well-handled remake.  This is a case where i definitely like the remake more than the original.
  • 10am – Munster Marathon starts, WGN; Halloween II (1980) , AMC
    • Continue an original Halloween marathon, at the same time as you watch the start of a Munsters marathon!  That’s two, Two, TWO marathons of awesome!
  • 12pm – Ghostbusters, A&E. Bill Fucking Murray.
  • 2pm – Halloween’s Most Extreme , Travel Channel; Resident Evil (2:15), ThrillerMax
    • Travel Channel airs some fun Halloween programming, and Halloween’s Most Extreme is a great example – showcasing creepy locations, haunted attractions, and a biggest Halloween superstore in the world.
  • 3pm – Shaun of the Dead – Comedy Central. One of my favorite films, of any genre.  Stranded on a desert island?  I’d want this movie to watch, forever.
  • 4:50pm – Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Encore; The Strangers, FX
    • Another set of contrasts.  The tongue-pierced-in-cheek silliness of the original Buffy film, against the dire and heart-wrenching Strangers.  At least it’ll still be light outside, because if a kid shows up trick or treating in one of those masks when i’m watching this movie?  Bad things, man.  Bad things.
  • 7pm – Ghost Hunters Halloween Live, SyFy; Inside Story: Elm Street Legacy, Biography
    • I don’t watch Ghost Hunters.  Thanks to Supernatural, they will forever be the “Ghostfacers” in my head – i can’t take them seriously, even though i want to.  But if you watch – they’re doing a 6-hour special all night, live from haunted Buffalo Central Terminal.  Sounds kinda cool.  OR!  You can switch over to Biography on check out their 2-part, 4-hour retrospective on the legacy of The Nightmare on Elm Street.  They’ll have new interviews with all of the cast & crew, and discuss the series’ impact.  New Line isn’t known as “The House that Freddy Built” for nothing.
  • 9pm – Pittsburgh Steelers at New Orleans Saints, NBC; The Thing (9:05), ActionMax
    • NFL Football in New Orleans on Halloween is becoming a tradition.  For good reason!  Tune in to the party going on in the Big Easy, and you’ll see why for yourself.  Or, you could flip on over to ActionMax where they’ll be airing John Carpenter’s disgusting The Thing.  I know it’s a classic, so i’m respecting it – but i don’t have to like it.
  • 10pm – The Walking Dead, AMC; One Missed Call (Japanase), Sundance
    • To be clear, i’ll be watching The Walking Dead.  Hell, i’ll be watching it live – screw DVR!  Even if i wasn’t a rabid fan of the comic it’s based on, AMC’s post-zed-apocalypse previews are impossible to resist.  If this fails, it will be a painful blow – but c’mon, it looks like a home run.  Alternately, Sundance is showing an Asian horror marathon starting with the excellent Takashi Miike scarefest One Missed Call.  Don’t miss this original because of the gawd-awful US remake. One Missed Call will make you think you’re seeing ghosts everywhere.  Eek!
  • 11:30pm – Jennifer’s Body, HBO 2. I don’t care that you hate Megan Fox.  Or that it’s cool to put down once-loved Diablo Cody.  Or that it’s not as funny as it should be, or as scary as it wants to be.  It’s still an unexpected little number that stands up surprisingly well to repeated viewings.  There’s also a very sexy kissing scene that would be perfect for midnight viewage.  I’m just sayin’.

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