Belly Horror: Shimmies of Dread!

Some months back, I was doing some research into some “non-conventional” horror ventures, and my curiosity was roused when I was introduced to a new show exploring a very innovative concept, Belly Horror. Started in 2005, by renowned bellydancer Belladonna, in 2009 it became a full weekend event in the Washington DC area. Belladonna noticed a huge movement in the bellydance community for gothic dance, or dark fusion as some call it; a mix of bellydance, interpretive dance, and a hint of vaudeville (sprinkle in some steampunk fashion too), and her tribe was inspired by that, horror, and Halloween to create a sinisterly sensual smorgasbord of belly dance, inspired by Halloween, B-movie monsters and burlesque theater. Below is a taste of what their show is like. Like they said, “Vampires, ghosts, twisted fairy tales, creepy dolls, killer tomatoes and more await you.”

Sadly, I’m not local to the area, and this past year I found out too late about the dates of this year’s show to be able to attend (which was the end of November). But I’ve watched a number of videos of their performances which are, are built on a foundation of oriental dance, and I’ve found it mesmerizingly beautiful and fascinating to see how they translate the movements into the horror genre. I’m very anxious to see where this goes, and I hope perhaps their troupe will begin to travel, or that the show will spread.

(c) Stereo Vision Photography

Check out their website at Belly Horror or check out their Facebook.

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