Practical Design: Zombie Proof Architecture

How many times have you sat awake at night devising your zombie survival plan? Where you’ll go, what you’ll take, which of your neighbors would make the worst zombies. Hell, some of mine already could be confused for the living dead. But what would you do for shelter? Where would be safest to settle and wait out the apocalypse?

Architects Southwest knows about this kind of progressive planning. In the spirit of preparedness they’ve added a splash of innovative design and held the first annual architectural Zombie Safe House Competition.

Architects Southwest offers up the coveted Gold Shovel Award to the most innovative, thorough, safe Zombie Safe House design that addresses the following issues:

– How many people can you fit in your safe house?
– How are you handling power, potable water, and waste?
– How are you handling access to your safe house?
– How many days do you plan to stay in your safe house, and how much food and water are you providing?
– How will you escape in the event of a zombie intrusion?
– How will you keep zombies out of your safe house?

Designers may submit structures designed for any location in the world as long as they address the important criteria and extra points are taken into consideration for designs that expand on the requirements. This year’s winner was the SS Huckleberry by Shea Michael Trahan. Designed for use on the Mississippi River with the idea that Mobility equals Survival. There is room for living, farming, and storage.

The SS Huckleberry

If you missed this year’s competition, don’t worry, there are plans for a 2011 competition around Halloween of next year.  So sharpen your pencils and get out your protractor.

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