Gores Truly’s Very Scary Christmas Guide

Tis the season! And like you, I’ve been scrambling to buy gifts for close friends and family. I’ve been shopping for horror fans for a while now, so I’d like to share with you some of my treasure trove when it comes to Giftmas.

Let me start off with the megamonsters of horror shopping:

Resident Evil mints from ThinkGeek.com

  • ThinkGeek.com’s horror section; full of zombie parts, bloody shower curtains, Resident Evil breath mints, blood shower gel, etc.
  • Entertainment Earth has a whole section dedicated to horror; horror collectibles, killer statues, monster action figures, and creepy dolls! From Walking Dead items, to prop replicas, to figures/model kits, to bobbleheads.
  • Monsters in Motion; divided up into subgenres like Classic Horror and Horror Contemporary.
  • The Big Bad Toy Store has a plethora (I love that word) of lines of toys; from Dexter to Living Dead Dolls to Vincent Price to cult classics to… well, just click and be blown away be the lines they carry.
  • Things like this from the Dark Side of Etsy!

    Want something a bit more personal? Want to go handmade? Once Upon a Midnight Dreary leads us to the Dark Side of Etsy Street Team. They shine a bit of light on some amazing dark shops; horror jewelry, steampunk items, Victorian clothing, artwork, Gothic designs, horror shirts, sculptures, creepy dolls, one-of-a-kind creations… and that’s just to start.

    How about some etched barware? One of my personal favorites is Drink with the Living Dead, which carries designs from famed horror artist Gris Grimly to Cthulhu to Dogwitch to Rob Zombie‘s creations to Toxic Toons, as well as an assortment to make ANY horror fan squee. Want to go a bit cute with your horror? Check out BBC’s Dawn of the Ted below…

    Dawn of the Ted are creating their horrific new line by the Bad Taste Bears, introducing these lovable freaks to a new generation of terror-loving teddy-philes. Check out these collectibles with attitude!

    Dawn of the Ted!

    Teddy Scares are another adorably frightful line of scary bears. I’ve personally purchased a couple of these for my oldest daughter and she’s become hooked. Once soft and cuddly, now dead and bloody!

    Paper demons from Horrorwood Kills

    Speaking of kids, how about something horror-ific to enjoy as a family on Christmas Eve? Introducing Horrorwood Kills: Cut Fold Stick Play; Free original papercraft for you to download and enjoy. Paper demons, skull kings, paper monsters… oh my!

    One of the big hits I find with the ladies is Iron Fist’s line of platform heels; from Zombie Stomper, to Wolfbeater, to so much more. Of course, Iron Fist also has tees and other stuff for men, women, and kids.

    How about makeup or DIY fang kits to create that scary Santa? You’ve seen these guys at a number of horror conventions, so check out Evil Fire Lizard. Be sure to ask for Dean when you contact them.

    I remember reading somewhere that there was a lack of Dexter products on the web. How about some coasters for that Dexter fan on your list?

    Oooh, coasters! That leads me to Horror Decor, where you’ll find such horror home decor like the ‘Slasher’ Throw Pillow, Bloody Saw Blade Clock, Zombie Attack Lamp Shade, or even a Bloody Christmas Stocking!

    Not enough of a selection here? Allow me to share one of my personal bookmarks with you, the ULTIMATE horror gift guide for a very scary Christmas!

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