Night of the Sacrifice: New Wii Horror Game

Night of the Sacrifice

Are you one of those people who bought Wii Fit a few years ago, did a few hours worth of yoga, and then left the Balance Board just sitting there to gather dust? If so, get ready to find the dust rag. Marvelous Entertainment (Both XSEED and Natsume have good relations with this particular company. XSEED published Ju-on: The Grudge, another Wii horror game) is developing a new horror game for the Wii called Night of the Sacrifice, or “Ikenie no Yoru” in Japanese, which will incorporate the Balance Board. Perhaps, like me, you are curious as to how the balance board could be used in a horror game.

Not too much is known about the game so far. The story follows the exploits of five college students who visit Tsukuyomi Ravine, an area that is said to have been a spot for offering sacrifices to the gods, and hence, incur wrath of the ghosts and evil that happens to live there. Control-wise, two player co-op will be standard; the Wiimote will be used as a flashlight (like in Alan Wake) and the Balance Board will be used in a yet to be explained manner. I can only assume that being able to control the game with your entire body will add another layer of interaction, and with this particular game, another layer of terror. There is also speculation that it will be used to measure physical reactions to gameplay.

Here’s something we do know about Night of the Sacrifice. In Japan, launch copies will come with a curse protection charm strap. Spiritual idol (that’s what Marvelous calls her, she’s really a gravure idol), Saya Hikita, visited a power spot and imbued the charm with curse protecting power. She recommends wearing it while playing Night of the Sacrifice to avoid the curse.

Night of the Sacrifice will be available in Japanese this coming March 2011. There have been no announcements on whether it will be translated for Western audiences yet, but a trailer has been released. It’s suitably creepy – as you’d expect from the Japanese, who arguably always tend to have the best ideas within the horror genre. Based on how creepy it looks, we should all cross our fingers that it finds its way over here.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking just because this is a Wii game it will be family-friendly. You might want to watch this with the lights on and your cell phone off.

Night of the Sacrifice will be out in Japan on March 24, 2011 for the Wii. Check out the official site here: Night of the Sacrifice.

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