Horror Costume of the Month – Chucky

Who better to kick off a new year of exceptional Horror Costumes than the talented Christine as everyone’s favorite demonic doll from the Child’s Play series?

Photo Courtesy Christine Evans-Arriaga

Photo Courtesy Christine Evans-Arriaga

I was able to share a few moments with this costumer extraordinaire recently and discuss her brilliant take on the demented character – which I was lucky enough to see in-person late 2009.

GT:  Was it as much fun to be Chucky as it looked?

[Christine]:   I had a blast. It was a new kind of costuming for me, as I have done mostly sci-fi or fantasy work. Chucky is a wise-cracking doll which is fun in itself. Scaring people while having fun and looking the part was something I couldn’t resist. Horror is fun to play. While becoming a role makes you much better in your costume, I couldn’t actually go around killing people, so I tried to find ways to scare them that they would remember but wouldn’t cause them to need therapy. A favorite phrase was to grin evilly and tell them that the nightmares they shrugged off were true and that I would see them later that evening. Psychological vs. physical terror.  They may have needed therapy after all…

GT: What inspired you to make the costume?

[Christine]:  I debuted the costume at Orlando’s Spooky Empire, which is a horror con. I wanted to do a horror costume and to show that good and fun costuming can come in forms other than half-naked chicks. I also wanted to see if I could evolve my work a bit more. With that in mind, I searched for something to motivate me that was fun and that you don’t see too many of. I HATE doing popular costumes as you see 30 of them and are bored by the end. As I have curly red hair and am not too tall at 5”2”, Chucky from Child’s Play seemed like a good fit. Plus, evil animated dolls scare people quite a bit, including me, so I decided to embrace that which I feared and become it.

GT: How did you put it together?

[Christine]:  For me, every costume begins with research to see what the fabrics are, how it fits and flows, and to capture as many details as possible. As the doll was dressed in standard cloths, it was just a matter of searching the thrift stores for denim overalls. The overalls were covered in little “boy” shapes, like baseball gloves, bats, fire trucks, fire hats, picks, axes, etc… I blew up those images to the right size and printed many on heat transfer paper to iron onto the overalls. That was a lot of work!  The legs were then shortened to above ankle length to give the illusion of doll legs vs. longer human legs. The shirt was another problem. I wanted to make it but couldn’t find the right fabric anywhere. I resorted to looking for Chucky costuming and happened on the right shirt. As Chucky’s costume has the same fabric as the shirt at the bottom of the overall legs, I shortened the shirt to a half shirt and used that extra fabric on the leg cuffs. Next I found white tennis shoes that looked a lot like Chucky’s shoes. I taped them to keep the white striping and painted them red.  Follow that up with my blue Underworld FX lenses, scars made with Rigid Collodion, fake blood and liquid black eye liner for the stitches, a fake knife and a demented look and laugh, and I became Chucky. I was even introduced to Alex Vincent, who played Andy Barclay in Child’s Play, in costume and he thought it was great!

GT: Did you run into any issues making or wearing your costume? If so, how did you get around it?

[Christine]:  The costume was great because it was comfortable as overalls and that I got to wear tennis shoes. As every costume needs a way to carry your “stuff” I felt blessed to have pockets in the overalls so I didn’t have to make a separate pouch or bag or purse.  The issues came when I got fake blood in my contact and one of my Rigid Collodion scars around my mouth kept popping as I grinned evilly. I also ran into how to enjoy adult beverages without ruining the costuming effect. I solved that by resorting to a sippy cup. Turns out that was genius as it also keeps you from spilling said beverage. I also had to make sure to turn off the evil doll persona when it was time to wash up. Sometimes turning off the role is harder than taking off the costume.

"Chucky" Meets a Murder-Her

"Chucky" Meets a Murder-Her

Thank you, Christine, for taking the time to talk to Gores Truly about your brilliant Chucky costume for our first Horror Costume of 2011!  We can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

If you know a horror costume that’s beyond horrific and deserves some scare-time, send a submission including character name, costumer’s preferred moniker, a photo, and contact information to the MurderHers.

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