Shop ’til You Drop Dead: Ego Likeness Etsy – Cthulhu Necklace and More!

Over at the Ego Likeness – yep, the darkwave, industrial rock band – Etsy shop you can find a myriad of creepy works of art and jewelry from pieces created with various animal bones to original paintings. But what caught my eye today was the Cthulhu Fork Necklace:

Pretty sick piece of jewelry for just $15.00!

Here are some other accessories that I’ve added to my wish list. Just check out the Ego Likeness Etsy shop for even more delightfully macabre jewelry and art created by Steven Archer and Donna Lynch!

Femur Earrings

Keep a look out for more creepy cute stuff we find in the future, and let us know if you have a favorite virtual chopping mall you’d like us to check out.

More sweet gore to grab:

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