Roid Rage: Killer Hemorrhoids

It’s no secret that the MurderHers here at Gores Truly are connoisseurs of  sick and twisted cinema. Throw a little comedy in the mix and you can pretty much sign us up as fans.

So when I heard about this independent flick coming straight out of the heart of my hometown – I got a little bit stoked. Roid Rage is your classic splatter flick about a normal dude in abnormal circumstances. What type of circumstance do you ask? He has hemorrhoids – that happen to want to fuck shit up and kill people.


Check out the Trailer below and a short interview with Director Ryan Lightborn about his upcoming flick.

“Roid Rage” (2011) – Official Full Length Trailer

So Ryan, let’s kick this off with the question everyone here at Gores Truly is dying to know. Killer Hemorrhoids? There has to be a fantastic story behind the original inspirations for this film.

Unfortunately, the story behind the inspiration isn’t very exciting at all.  I just figured my first short film should revolve around the most twisted and ridiculous premise possible so that it would get noticed. Our budget was ultra-low, so most of the cast consists of college buddies with minimal acting experience. Also, the majority of the locations were free, so the only way to stick out like a sore thumb was to make a movie about a dude with a killer asshole.  I didn’t want it to come off as a silly, Troma-esque low-budget film, so I wrote the dialogue as if it were an R-rated episode of the X-files.

Can you clue us in to a little more of the plot?

The plot basically revolves around a ground staff worker, Sammy, who works at a nuclear power plant.  It’s implied that the killer hemorrhoids are some sort of genetic mutation/deformity resulting from his profession.  The power plant is owned by a greedy corporation that covers up its slip-ups with inhumane methods.  This isn’t mentioned much in the short, but I’ll definitely expand on that if Roid Rage is turned into a feature film.

Originally, I wanted Roid Rage to remain a short film, but with the internet buzz it’s received, I had no choice but to throw around some feature length ideas: Sammy will definitely get arrested which would lead to the most fucked up prison “drop the soap” scene ever.  Toward the end, Sammy will saw off his killer hemorrhoid into the toilet and it will slide down into the sewer (going rogue in a big city).

From what we’ve seen in the trailer – the gore in this film is maximum. We approve. Did you have a hand in any of the special effects? Ever sit back and pull a John Landis and demand “More Blood!” ?

I actually shot the whole thing with no crew whatsoever, so unfortunately I had to do all of the SPFX myself.  Considering the fact that I had no idea what I was doing, I think the gore turned out well.

I definitely wish I could have sprayed blood all over the walls, ceiling, and floors of our locations, but because of our low budget, we couldn’t afford the clean-up, insurance hassles, and re-painting that would be involved.  I hate digital blood, but I had no choice to go digital for about 60% of the gore shots.  Fortunately, I’m decent with After Effects and the gore scenes are fast-paced, so it’s hard to tell which blood splatters are digital and which ones are real.  We actually shot an extended gorier ending to the short in January.  I threw a bunch of expendable characters into the mix just for the sake of killing them off in awesome ways.

Hopefully, when the time comes for my next short or feature-length film, I’ll have an SPFX entourage and full permission to litter the sets with gallons of blood.

Tell us a little bit about you. What got you into the genre? Is it a passion – or just a passing fancy?

It’s most definitely a passion.  I grew up in the 80’s and had a brother who was 10 years older than me so I watched a ton of violent action & horror movies at a young age.  My favorite movie as a kid was Predator.  I probably watched it 30 times before I turned 6.  I would draw pictures of people being mutilated in my school books and my mom thought I was going to be fucked in the head.  It was all fantasy though; I can’t stand the site of violence in the real world.  If I see more than a few drops of real blood, I literally faint.

For our readers and our own benefit, when and where is the film set to premiere?

I’ve had a few emails from some pretty big festivals who’ve seen the trailer and are asking for a screener.  As soon as the finished cut is sent off, screenings will be announced at

Anything else you’ve like to share?

I just want to say thanks for supporting indie film!

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