Hollywood is Dead!

The vomiting blood is a lovely touch.

Our Sista in Horror, Dementia, brought to our attention that Hollywood is Dead! Well, not really, but if it was it would have some kickass movie posters. Illustrator Matt Busch recreates some of our favorite iconic movie posters and then adds his own blood-splattered horror twist.

The extremely talented Busch has quite the résumé from illustrating comic books to movie marketing and has even produced art for some of our favorite musical acts like Alice Cooper and Black Sabbath. But the melding of movie posters and horror parody began in 2009 when Busch created reworked Star Wars movie posters to promote Lucasfilm’s Death Troopers on Starwars.com. While Lucasfilm did not keep the work on the site, the buzz had spread.

Since then the idea has grown to Busch creating Hollywood is Dead, a web site showcasing his horror parody prints and t-shirts. The art is spot on to the original movie poster as far as feeling, detail and style, but now with 100% more zombies and loaded with clever as all hell campiness. The Little Mermaid becomes The Lethal Mermaid, Back to the Future becomes Bleak is the Future and Harry Potter becomes Scary Rotter and the Living Dead. The best part? You can own a print of one of these monstrous creations for a mere $20.00. I know what someone is getting for their birthday!!

Better than the original!

Is this the sequel to Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?

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