Horror Costume of the Month – American McGee’s Alice

For February, our featured costumer is April aka Vash_Fanatic as the twisted storybook heroine from the 3rd-person action video game American McGee’s Alice.

Photo Courtesy of Abbott Wang

GT: Besides obviously the video game, what inspired you to take on this project?

As stated above, the video game was a huge reason I wanted to make this costume. I played the game way back when it first came out and it has just always been a dream costume. But what really inspired me the most to make this costume were the trailers for the new video game, American Alice: McGee’s Madness Returns. It just gave us a deeper look into Alice’s thoughts and dreams in McGee’s version of wonderland. Bottom line, I have always loved the twisted wonderland idea. It takes a huge imagination to take Lewis Carroll’s already intense adventure and make it even more intense. I can’t wait for the new game to come out!

Photo Courtesy of Kenji Ono

GT: How did you put it together?

I have already made a couple of Alice costumes for my sister. She is in love with Alice and has cosplayed as almost every type of Alice, except this one of course. Construction was simple, made with a Simplicity pattern that I already had memorized. It only took my about a day. And I must say, my favorite parts were sewing the bow together and adding the blood spatter to the apron. Yes, I actually used a kitchen knife and swung it around with fake blood on it. Neighbors must have been a little freaked out. Also on the apron, I added a little touch of my own to tie the old and new game together. I have a symbol from each game on each pocket.

Photo Courtesy of Eric

GT: Did you style the wig? If so, how?

There was no real styling to the wig. I have been told the wig is a bit long for Alice, but I just thought longer hair just gave the costume an eerier feeling.

GT: Do you plan on wearing it in the future?

I do plan on wearing this costume in the future. I want to go to some release parties for the game and raise awareness at future conventions that Madness Returns is finally coming out! Maybe it will get more people interested in American Mcgee’s version of Alice.

Photo Courtesy of Michael Rodriguez

April, thank you so much for taking time to answer these questions for Gores Truly! We hope that you wear this costume in the future because it is creeptastic and a spectacular version of American McGee’s Alice!

If you know a horror costume that’s beyond horrific and deserves some scare-time, send a submission including character name, costumer’s preferred moniker, a photo, and contact information to the MurderHers.

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