Horror Conventions & Film Festivals – 2011

Looking for a list of the latest Horror Happenings for 2012?  Then lookie over here:  http://www.gorestruly.com/2012/03/30/horror-conventions-events-film-festivals-2012/


Okay, so it’s March already.  I’m a little late.  But late’s better than never, right?  Right?

The MurderHers of Gores Truly love the convention culture – we’re ever-so-slightly entrenched in it.  So, of course we try to stay up on the annual Horror conventions, film festivals, and zombie walks – oh my! I’ve put together a list of the remaining 2011 Horror Cons and Film Festivals around the world to torture us.  We can’t possibly make all of these, argh!  Should you be lucky enough to live near one of these events, go check it out! Not only are you supporting the horror community but you’re usually supporting local, independent, and up & coming filmmakers, artists, and craftspeople too.  Hell yeah!

You may even bump into us.  Consider that a warning.  *evil grin*


  • Monster-Mania Con 17
    • Cherry Hill, New Jersey
    • March 11 – 13
    • Cool guest list includes several stars of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Dina Meyer, and Melinda Clarke.
    • http://www.monstermania.net
  • Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Fest
    • Chattanooga, Tennessee
    • March 11 – 13
    • First-time horror festival and tattoo convention in Chattanooga.  For a new event, it has a few cool guests and lots of ink talent.
    • http://fullmooninc.net/fr_home.cfm
  • South by Southwest Film Festival
    • Austin, TX
    • March 11-20
    • SXSW is a mecca for movie fans lately, and horror fans in particular.  Last year, SXSW premiered A Serbian Film.  ‘Nuff said.
    • http://sxsw.com/film
  • Wizard World Toronto
  • HorrorHound Weekend
    • Indianapolis, Indiana
    • March 25 – 27
    • HorrorHound Magazine sponsors these annual conventions, filled with loads of horror guests and bands.  So far the biggest name is Corey Feldman, but there’s time.
    • http://www.horrorhoundweekend.com
  • A Night of Horror: International Film Festival


  • International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival
    • Scottsdale, Arizona
    • April 1-6
    • As part of the Phoenix Film Festival, this horror-focused mini-festival will feature full-length films, shorts, and plenty of indies.  There’s also a Gore Girl contest.  HOT!
    • http://horrorscifi.com/info.php
  • Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expo
    • Strongsville, Ohio
    • April 1 – 3
    • Weekend convention focusing on drive-in era cinema.  This year’s guests include Ruggero Deodato and several of the actors from Cannibal Holocaust.
    • http://www.cinemawasteland.com/show.html
  • Monsterpalooza
  • Motor City Nightmares Weekend
  • TromaDance
    • New Jersey
    • April 22-23
    • Fun film-festival going on since 2004, hosted by Troma with an open, everyone’s-equal vibe.  Indie plus: they don’t charge filmmakers to submit films.
    • http://www.tromadance.com
  • The World Horror Convention 2011
    • Austin, Texas
    • April 28 – May 1
    • 20 year old all-things-horror convention – authors, filmmakers, celebrity guests, and a film festival.  Biggest issue here?  Check the next entry…
    • http://worldhorrorconvention.com
  • Texas Frightmare Weekend
    • Dallas, Texas
    • April 29 – May 1
    • One of the Southwest’s biggest conventions, tons of big names and popular horror guests are guaranteed to be there.  This year, Eihi Shiina (Audition, Tokyo Gore Police) is making her first convention appearance.  WANT! WANT WANT WANT!!!!  There’s also a Saw reunion, and lots of other goodies.
    • http://www.texasfrightmareweekend.com


  • Dead by Dawn
    • Edinburgh, Scotland
    • May 5 – 8
    • Scotland’s 4-day International Horror Festival – featuring full length and short films.
    • http://www.deadbydawn.co.uk
  • Weekend of Horrors
  • Creation Entertainment’s Weekend of Horrors
    • Los Angeles, California
    • May 14 – 15
    • Organized event with plenty of events, tattoo and film mini-conventions; and some pretty big talent, including John Carpenter, Tom Savini, and Asia Argento.
    • http://www.creationent.com/cal/woh.htm
  • Camp Blood: Friday the 30th
  • Cult Fiction Drive-In
    • Jacksonville, Florida
    • May 20 – 22
    • Jacksonville’s first annual underground film & cult cinema convention.  Fun guest lineup includes cast reunions of Critters and the original Inglorious Bastards, with plenty more.  There’s also a Zombie Walk!
    • http://www.cultfictiondrive-in.com
  • Crypticon Seattle
    • Seattle, Washington
    • May 27 – 29 (Memorial Day Weekend)
    • “The largest horror convention in the Pacific Northwest.”  Small list of guests, but the “Zombie Tag” event sounds like a hell of a lot of fun.
    • http://www.crypticonseattle.com
  • Spooky Empire’s May-Hem
    • Orlando, FL
    • May 27 – 29 (Memorial Day Weekend)
    • Spooky Empire’s October conventions are such a hit that they spawned a sequel.  For this inaugural event, Bruce Campbell will be gracing Orlando with his awesomeness – and more.  WHO WANTS SOME?
    • http://spookyempire.com/


  • Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural
    • Nashville, TN
    • June 4 – 5
    • Jared, Jensen, Misha.  Seriously?  GO.  GET TIX NAO.
    • Other Creation conventions for Supernatural are being created regularly, so if you’re a fan – check http://www.creationent.com regularly for more info.
    • http://www.creationent.com/cal/supernatural_tn.htm
  • Saturday Nightmares Classic Horror Expo
    • Jersey City, New Jersey
    • June 3-5
    • Classic-horror-focused con.  In only their second year, they’re getting an impressive list of guests.  This year includes Tippi Hedron and the ladies of The Evil Dead.
    • http://www.saturdaynightmares.com/
  • Monster-Mania Con 18: Return to Camp Crystal Lake
    • Hunt Valley, Maryland
    • June 3 – 5
    • The second Monster-Mania event for 2011 – looks to be Friday the 13th themed so far.
    • http://www.monstermania.net
  • Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo
    • Calgary, Alberta Canada
    • June 17 – 19
    • George A. Romero, Doug Bradley, Mike Mignola, and Ben Templesmith are among the celebrity representatives for horror at this multi-genre convention.
    • http://www.calgaryexpo.com/
  • Wizard World Philly


  • Fright Night Film Fest
    • Louisville, Kentucky
    • July 22 – 24
    • 2011’s guest of honor is none other than John Carpenter for this event in its 7th year.  There are some changes in 2011, making this more of a multi-genre convention (sci-fi, anime, classic tv are all included now.)
    • http://frightnightfilmfest.com/
  • San Diego Comic Con
    • San Diego, California
    • July 21 – 24
    • Not many horror guests listed just yet, but Comic-Con usually scares up at least a few every year.  As one of the biggest conventions on the planet, this is another must-see if you have a chance.
    • http://www.comic-con.org/cci/index.php


  • Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Convention
    • August 12 – 14
    • Rosemont, Illinois (Chicago)
    • Chicago’s long-running horror convention, with a lot of great guests lined up for 2011 – including Robert Englund, Malcolm Macdowell, Danielle Harris, and Scout Taylor-Compton.  Biggest problem?  This is the same weekend as Wizard World Chicago.
    • http://www.flashbackweekend.com
  • Monster-Mania Con 19
  • Rue Morgue’s Festival of Fear
    • Toronto, Canada
    • August 25 – 28
    • WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT!  Rue Morgue magazine sponsors the Horror Expo part of Toronto’s FanExpo convention event.  And being that it’s Rue Morgue, they attract some decent talent – past shows have included David Cronenberg, Dean Stockwell, Ken Russell and more.  Guests for 2011 TBA.
    • http://www.fanexpocanada.com/genre/home/view/horror
  • Film4 Frightfest
    • London, England
    • August 25 – 29
    • Guillermo del Toro has called this film festival “The Woodstock of Gore.” I’m sold.  It’s intended to rival Sitges Film Festival, so they’ve set the bar pretty high for themselves. But it sounds like they’re on the right path.
    • http://www.frightfest.co.uk/index.html


  • Dragon*Con
    • Atlanta, Georgia
    • September, 2 – 5
    • It’s DRAGON*CON!! Gores Truly will be there! What more needs be said?  Horror has been gaining ground here the past few years, we’re hoping 2011 makes it even bigger!
    • http://www.dragoncon.org
  • Horror Realm
    • Pittsburgh, PA
    • September 16 – 18
    • Brought to you by the same people behind recent Spring Break Massacre & Zombie Gras. Details TBA.
    • http://www.horrorrealmcon.com/
  • Fantastic Fest Film Festival
    • Austin, TX
    • September 22 – 29
    • The largest genre film festival in the United States, including horror, sci-fi, and other “fantastic” films.  It’s known as the “Geek Telluride.”
    • http://www.fantasticfest.com/


  • Horror Weekend 2011
    • Gatlinburg, TN
    • October 1 – 2
    • Wicked-awesome guest list (PJ Soles, Doug Jones, Margot Kidder, Nivek Ogre, and more) and a Scream Queen contest!  “The Rocky Mountains will never be the same.”  Nice!
    • www.horrorweekend.com
  • Eerie Horror Film Fest
    • Eerie, PA
    • October 6 – 9
    • Who wouldn’t want to go to a horror film festival in freakin’ Eerie!?!  And this year, they got both Blue Oyster Cult and Foghat to perform.  That’s kinda badass.
    • http://eeriehorrorfilmfestival.com/site/
  • Spooky Empire’s Ultimate Horror Weekend and FREAK SHOW Horror Film Festival
    • Orlando, Florida
    • October 7 – 9
    • Florida’s best (only?) horror convention and the great horror-focused film festival.  This is an annual MUST for many of us in Gores Truly.
    • http://www.freakshowfilmfest.com
    • http://www.spookyempire.com/ <— site currently used for Spooky’s Mayhem event, but will be updated for Spooky Empire afterward
  • Telluride Horror Show
  • FLICKERS: RI International Horror Film Festival
    • Newport, RI
    • October 20 – 23
    • Independent-focused horror film festival, with some additional events. Including a “Zombiethon Battle” hosted by the SCA.
    • http://film-festival.org/Horror_ri.php
  • Toronto After Dark Film Festival
    • Toronto, Canada
    • October 20 – 27
    • Eight nights of horror, sci-fi, action, & cult movies.  A can’t-miss Film Festival if you can make it.  Details TBA.
    • http://torontoafterdark.com
  • Sacramento Horror Film Festival
    • Sacramento, CA
    • October 20 – 23
    • More than just a film festival, also has live music, performance art, interactive games, and horror host personalities for the whole shebang.  This sounds kinda awesome.  Even a costume contest.  Hmmmm.
    • http://sachorrorfilmfest.com/index.php


  • Tabloid Witch Awards
    • Santa Monica, CA
    • TBD early November (potentially mid-October)
    • Primarily a No-Fee horror film contest, which screens the winning entries each year in a bit of a festival.  2011 will be their 8th year, so show independent filmmakers your support and go check this contest/festival out!
    • http://www.tabloidwitch.com/


  • Wizard World Atlanta
    • Atlanta, GA
    • December 3 – 4
    • Not only are they going to have the cast of The Human Centipede: First Sequence, but they’ve also got Linda Blair, Pam Grier, the Suicide Girls, and a bunch of zombies from The Walking Dead.  And it’s almost a year away!
    • http://www.wizardworld.com/home-atlanta.html

Note:  For a complete list of Wizard World conventions (not all are listed here) visit Wizard World’s Site:  http://www.wizardworld.com/wizcon.html

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