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Hello.  My name is Tiney and I’m addicted to the internet.  I roam the internet every day for several hours.

Thank you, Al Gore.

I have a routine – I check my email, I check my social networking sites, I check Gores Truly, and then I check my webcomics.  I love my webcomics.  They’re my daily dose of laughs, action, drama… you name it.  Maybe you don’t read webcomics, but you should. Like movies and regular comics, webcomics run the gamut in genre and horror is no exception.  Let me introduce you to one these horror webcomics:


It’s difficult to describe Locus – the tagline for this webcomic is “Boobs, Blood, and Bad Language,” but it’s so much more than that.  Granted, there are boobs, blood, and bad language, but that’s not why I like it – though it helps.

From the beginning, the illustrations are really well done.  You can tell the artist, Adam Black, really takes his time on each page.  There are details, shadows, backgrounds, and it’s all colored.  This can be considered quite an accomplishment since he updates a new page three times a week while some artists can barely muster a black and white strip once a month (though that doesn’t mean I love them any less!)

The story is a tad complicated but it’s basically about a half-human half-succubus chick named Locus bent on avenging the death of her father.

Locus is the chick with the sword and pink hair.

Locus carries a sword called the Xel’Duum which is insanely powerful and it’s wanted by the main bad guy.  At her side is her Uncle Spook, who’s some sort of demon creature, and her aunt Silk – a full succubus.  The main bad guy is Hampstead, a necromancer who’s partially responsible for the death of Locus’s father.  Oh, and Hampstead also wants to steal the Xel’Duum sword to awaken the original owner who was this badass young lady who slaughtered everyone in the world – sort of like Xena.  Hampstead appears to be insane since I see no other reason as to why he would want to bring back a rampaging she-devil.

They’ve all got crazy powers and they kill things.  There’s lots of blood and flying body parts!

Uncle Spook gets split in two.

The story has definitely pulled me in and that’s the negative side of webcomics – waiting for the next update.

I do have to warn you, the boobage is quite ample and NSFW.  It’s there right from the beginning and as a woman, I thought, why is this necessary? Is the artist just trying to draw readers in?  That’s probably part of it, but most of the nudity isn’t sexual – most of the women just walk around with nothing on and it’s no big deal.  But then looking at the world he’s created, I get it.  The majority of these characters are demons.  They’re not humans, they’re not normal, and why should I force my modesty upon them?  Though maybe they should put on some armor considering the amount of times they get stabbed or maimed.

Locus is on its third year and is updated Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every week.  Give Locus a peek and tell me what you think.

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