Horror Costume of the Month – Leatherface

Beware the Ides of March!  Especially this March since we present to you Leatherface done by the talented Newt. Newt specializes in horror costuming so it was quite difficult for the Murderhers to pick just one costume, but we decided there was something special about Leatherface.

GT: How long have you been into horror and what got you into it?

ALWAYS have been into horror. Think I was 5 when Return of the Living Dead came out. Scary, but I loved it. Needed more of it! So I would watch Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th whenever they were on.

GT: How did you put your Leatherface together?

In a word? PAUSE! I had to stop the DVD a lot and look for little details, little tears, etc. Then go find a shirt or pair of pants at the store and age/destroy them appropriately. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake is very tobacco and sepia in colors so I had to do a lot of tea dyes and other methods. The mask was made by a friend in Atlanta, Georgia, a very talented guy. It was latex with mohair, but the 2nd year I wore the costume I had him make a new one from silicone and real human hair. But to this day, I am still making little changes to make it a better costume. Especially since I now have pics of the screen-used clothes.

GT: We’ve been lucky to have seen your other horror costumes – do you have a particular favorite?

Probably Leatherface. Second place is probably my VS Jason or Lab zombie. But I like to put a lot of work into all my costumes. It would be very embarrassing to see someone with the same, but better version of your costume!

GT: Are you planning any future horror costumes?

Yes, The creeper from Jeepers Creepers and Jason from part 4 (last time he was technically “Alive”). Also Michael Myers from the Remake. But I’m looking forward to all of them!

GT: We’ve heard you have a very nice collection of Michael Myers masks. Can you tell us about it?

Of my 60 something masks, I own 14 Michael Myers masks. Something about them? Well, they are all indie masks (made by independent artists… not mass-produced). In researching Michael Myers, I visited a website dedicated to him – michael-myers.net – and at the time, they had a section where people could buy and sell Michael Myers masks and stuff, and I guess I decided I had to have one from each film… and one or two variants of a few. Honestly, looking back, I wish I bought just one or two SUPER COOL ones, but they’re all pretty nice.

For a look at Newt’s entire horror mask collection, you can check out this video:

Thanks so much to Newt for sharing your creeptastic Leatherface and mask collection with us at Gores Truly! We can’t wait to see your future horror costumes – Creeper, Jason, and Michael Myers, oh my!

If you know a horror costume that’s beyond horrific and deserves some scare-time, send a submission including character name, costumer’s preferred moniker, a photo, and contact information to the MurderHers.

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