Hell-evision: Reaper

Netflix is a serious GOLD mine for the everyday horror fan. I can’t think of a single time I’ve checked the site and not found something new (albeit not always good) to catch on there. A few weeks ago a TV showed call “Reaper” was suggested to me. Last night I finished up Season 1 – and I’m HOOKED.

“Reaper” is about a young slacker (Sam) turning 21, and his present? Finding out his parents sold his soul to the Devil. Harsh. So Sam, and his two best (and questionably more moronic) friends (Ben and Sock) are tasked by Satan himself to “reap” souls. Escaped souls. Of super evil and occasionally creepy escapees from Hell.


The Devil gets his jollies from transporting Sam around, at his will, everywhere from crime scenes to fancy dinners (guess who picks up the check?), and bestowing upon him ridiculous vessels in which to capture the souls (Dirt Devil mini-vacs, Polaroid cameras, remote control cars, you name it). Once captured, Sam has to deposit the vessels at a portal to hell. And where would one find that you ask?

The DMV of course. Go figure.

Soooooometimes he throws in the occasional temporary power (super strength, ability to turn food into bugs, etc) to assist/torture Sam during his tasks. I mean c’mon. He’s the Devil. Why would he make anyone’s job easy?

Speaking of the Devil – Ray Wise plays the infamous Lucifer. His chemistry with Sam is fantastic (in a super fucked up father-son/soul-owner type of way) and Mr. Wise is hands down the best Satan EVER. He’s charming. He’s slick. His grin is pure mischief, his actions all evil – and when you tick him off? He will shred you limb from limb. And never misplace a single strand of his super fab hair. Truth.

“Reaper” is a total hoot. I fell in love during the pilot – admittedly struggled through the first few episodes – but soon after that felt like the show really hit its niche. Sam, Sock and Ben have a three stooges-esque comedic repertoire between them that’s just perfect. Sock? Despite his douche bag haircut literally makes me bust out laughing. Like every episode.

There is romance (Andie is a super babe who works with Sam), laughter (ie: GAY DEMONS! Seriously. Steve and Tony – played by Michael Ian Black and Ken Marino are super fab and super focused. On overthrowing the lord of darkness, but still!), and some pretty friggin’ sweet special effects.

Some of my favorite souls captures thus far? The fire dude, the bug lady, and for sure the narcissistic sperm doctor. Only because Sock called him  “demon semen”  and the severed-hand-running-around-the-hospital-scene was a seriously sweet Evil Dead II homage.

I can’t wait to see how Season 2 unfolds.  Will Sam discover the truth about his birth? Is the demon led war against Satan bound to happen? Will there be any more hot succubus for me to drool over? I hope so.

Have you caught “Reaper” yet? If so I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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