Shop ’til You Drop Dead: Slay ’em with Style Vol. II

We Murder-Hers dig our fair share of blood, bile, and boobs – but sometimes we need a little splurging to go along with our splatter.

Ladies, need to accessorize your darker side? Graveside Looks has an assortment of hair accessories and jewelry in the Pyschobilly and Horror Punk styles. These hair accessories really caught my eye.

And Torture Couture has some gruesomely glamorous accessories like the Doll Parts Bow, Creature from the Black Lagoon Necklace, and The Mummy Hat and Fascinator.

While Flowers in May isn’t exactly horror – this graphic designer brings out the cute in the living dead corpses of the earth. This 11 x 14 inch poster –  “Terrorizing the Masses” – is perfect for a living room, study, den, kitchen, office… really anywhere you want showcase your love and support for zombies! Spread awareness of the difficult undead lives they lead!

And then there’s buttons. I <3 buttons.

Now I’m not really one for designer bags, but this Eye of Providence Handbag is pretty sick. I mean, even for the guys. Come on, dudes, wouldn’t this make a nice murse? The only thing that’s holding me back is the dimensions – 19.5cm (7″) x 17.5cm (6″) x 7cm (2″) – really not that big. But it is black leather… how I yearn for a new leather bag…

Terror Threads has some pretty sweet licensed horror t-shirts – Halloween, Friday the 13th, Army of Darkness, Nightmare on Elm Street, Day of the Dead, and more! These two are on the top of my wish list.

Like kittens? Like Freddy Krueger? Like kittens and Freddy TOGETHER?! I know I do… Fright-Rags has this Freddy-licious shirt that I desperately desire to incorporate into my wardrobe.

Keep a look out for more creepy cute stuff we find in the future, and let us know if you have a favorite virtual chopping mall you’d like us to check out.

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