Spooky Empire’s May-Hem – Interview with Pete Mongelli

Fact: We here at Gores Truly looooove our horror conventions. So much that most of us have never missed our local horror convention Spooky Empire’s Ultimate Horror Weekend (formally Screamfest) in years. And this year? Pete Mongelli, founder of Spooky Empire, is spoiling us Central Florida horror fans with yet another Orlando horror convention!

May-Hem runs May 27th-May29th at the Wyndham Orlando Resort in Orlando, FL and features an amazing line up of guests. In honor of the 30th anniversary of the Evil Dead, Bruce Campbell, Greg Nicotero, Ted Raimi, and the ladies of the Evil Dead (Betsy Baker, Ellen Sandweiss and Sarah York) will all be in attendance! I’m seriously trying to restrain my inner fan girl.

Additional guests include Alex Winter (Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Freaked), Anthony Michael Hall (Weird Science), Sean Patrick Flanery (The Boondock Saints), Norman Reedus (The Boondock Saints and The Walking Dead) and John Bernthal (The Walking Dead).

Although this is officially May-Hem’s first year – if anything like Spooky Empire – it’s destined to be a non-stop party and a total blast. You can expect to see the MurderHers out there and we hope to catch you too. Check out our interview below with Pete Mongelli and be sure to visit the May-Hem website to pick up your tickets!

GT: So Petey, tell us and our readers about May-Hem! What made you decide to do an additional horror convention on top of October’s annual Spooky Empire? How will May-Hem be different?

Petey: Honestly, the main reason we decided on the May show was so we could get Bruce Campbell to appear at our event. We asked every year, and he was just never available in October. How can you have a horror convention without having Bruce Campbell as a guest at least one time? Also, people started realizing I have been working with him every day for the last two seasons on the set of Burn Notice. It would be embarrassing if we were not able to finally get him our show! We had originally planned on having May-Hem be a bit different than Ultimate Horror Weekend. It was supposed to be more of a mixture of horror as well as pop culture, but somehow it just went in the horror direction! I guess it’s just our thing.

GT: Tell us about some of your guests! Who are you most excited to have in attendance?

Petey: Well of course, we have Bruce Campbell. We have the main guys from the Boondock Saints, Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus, and David Della Rocco. Alex Winter will be there, a great guest! Of course, since we have Bruce, we had to have a reunion of his co-stars, a bunch of the cast from Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, and Army of Darkness. We also have a great gathering of the cast of the hit show The Walking Dead. To round all of that out we just announced Greg Nicotero, who has worked on almost all of those films. I think our biggest surprise was adding Anthony Michael Hall. Not sure who I’m most excited about. I’m really just looking forward to having this whole new group of guests, who have never been to any of the Spooky Empire events.

GT: We understand the film festival is exclusive to October’s convention. So are there any special events planned for May-Hem?

Petey: We are doing a zombie themed event by the pool on Friday night. There will be live music, DJ’s, a zombie themed costume contest and much more. Saturday night Voltaire will be performing and there will also be a Fashion Show based solely on corsets and art of corsets. Ultimately, I think the thing that everyone comes for is to just have a good time. It’s one big party, and I don’t think anyone does it better than Spooky Empire!

GT: How about a little about you? How did you get in to horror? Favorite film? Any advice for the readers out there who want to chase their own dreams in the horror industry?

Petey: I was a little kid when I got into horror movies. A friend of mine used to get horror movies for his cool new VCR, and we used to all go there to watch. At that time, he was the only kid on the block with a VCR! Actually, my all time favorite movie is actually Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the original of course. I guess that’s a little scary, right? As far as advice, I guess just don’t give up on your goals. It’s really important in life to do something that you love! If you fail, just keep trying. Never give up.

GT: Anything else you’ve like to share?

Petey: We just hope everyone comes out to May-Hem and has a blast. We put on this event so that people can get away for the weekend and have the time of their lives!

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