The Walking Dead: No Way Out (80-86)

They’ve gone and done it again.

Back in October when I wrote about The Walking Dead, I mentioned how upsetting the comic can be.  Well – Kirkman and company have done it again. Starting with issue #80, their “No Way Out” volume has been nothing short of earth-shattering and it’s not over.  Issue #83 is a game-changer in a million ways – but let me warn you, it’s an upsetting and emotional issue.

I will keep this as spoiler-free as I can, because the once-peaceful town of Alexandria is . . . well . . .

  • Someone really fucks up.  They don’t mean to and the decision they have to make is horrible – but they still fuck up in a major way.
  • Others fuck up too.  This issue is cover-to-cover with people we’ve come to respect making choices we can and can’t understand.  It’s maddeningly frustrating how several of the characters act, and yet it never feels anything but real.
  • The only person who doesn’t screw up . . . suffers a heartbreak and it’s a heavy moment in the history of the series.  We’re not expecting this kind of talk  from this character and I think it meant more as a result.  Even more heartbreak follows.
  • Several characters die.  Minor and non-minor characters.  Saying any more will give things away.
  • Huge cliffhanger ending.  One of the biggest in the entire TWD series – maybe the biggest.  And yeah – if you’ve read the series in the past, you know that when I say that  it means shit went down.

Shit really went down.  I’m not sure how at least two major characters go on from here, if they do.  I’m not sure how I feel about a character after they made a choice that they did.  But more than anything, I’m preparing to be heartbroken.  Again.   Because it isn’t over – “No Way Out” still has 3 more issues to go.  Hold onto your butts.

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