Top 10 Sexy Lady Zombies

Death can’t kill these beauties. They’re just as hot beyond the grave as they were before it. Maybe even a little more so! So put aside the fact that they’re definitely dead, maybe a little squishy, and possibly smelly. These zombie babes are still attractive, even if it does make you a little uncomfortable.

#10 - Number 9 - Land of the Dead

#10. Number 9 Land of the Dead (Jennifer Baxter) – So she’s got a little funk on her face and she wasn’t exactly a main player in George A. Romero’s 2005 Land of The Dead – but behind all that rot you have to admit she’s kinda banging. And bonus? Not only did she lead the pack of Zeds alongside Big Daddy, but she got a kill too. Double hot points for that.

#9 - Tammy

#9. TammyFido (Sonja Bennett) – Tammy is Mr. Theopolis’ sex puppet/lover/companion in one of the wittiest zom-coms we’ve seen. Tammy is cute – but don’t let her docile nature fool you. Once that collar comes off? She’s all teeth. Tammy shares a “passionate” scene with Mr. Theopolis (albeit behind shaded windows) and it was enough to get our mind racing straight to dirty, happy, places.

#8 - Angela Mason

#8. Angela MasonSupernatural Season 2: “Children’ Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things” (Tamara Feldman) – For a dead chick she’s pretty lithe and super passionate, mostly about killing the people that piss her off. Angela is out for vengeance and looks way hot while doing it. Oh, and as a side note, head shots won’t slow this little lady down.

#7 - Jane O'Flynn

#7. Jane O’FlynnSurvival of the Dead (Kathleen Monroe) – All she wants is a kiss. What’s hotter then a cowgirl corpse? Not much really. So like the saying goes – save a horse, ride a cowgirl… zombie.

#6 - Rain Ocampo

#6. Rain Ocampo Resident Evil (Michelle Rodriguez) – She’s volatile alive or dead. Rain spends most of Resident Evil as a dead woman walking. You spend most of the film hoping she survives before she tries to eat Alice’s face. Definitely could have done with more zombie Michelle Rodriguez.

#5 - 406

#5. 406 Zombieland (Amber Heard) – Every repressed nerd’s crush. The hot chick next door. And what’s better, she needs you! Finally! She wants your body… well, to eat actually, but who’s splitting hairs?

#4 - She

#4. She Cemetery Man aka Dellamorte Dellamore (Anna Falchi) – A breath-taking widow turned flesh eater – “She” is the one Francesco of Cemetery Man pines for even after death. “She” comes and goes throughout the film and eventually beds down with the eager Francesco. Who then proceeds to set her on fire. Hot, right?

#3 - Trash

#3. Trash Return of the Living Dead (Linnea Quigley) – This punk chick spends almost the entire movie buck nekkid. Her dream? Getting ripped apart by men. Her reality? Getting ripped apart by zombies and coming back as one of the hottest naked living dead in cinematic history.

#2 - Julie Walker

#2. Julie WalkerReturn of the Living Dead III (Melinda Clarke) – Julie’s demise was her own fault. Had she not been so eager to grab crotches maybe she wouldn’t have died flying off that motorcycle. But no worries, thanks to her Boyfriend Curt and some Trioxin gas, she’s back. And hungry. But unlike most living dead, Julie doesn’t want to eat people and discovers pain is a great way to mask hunger. And you know what? Hundreds of self-inflicted glass shard-stabs later, she’s still foxy.

#1 - Kat

#1. KatZombie Strippers (Jenna Jameson) – Being a zombie super stripper isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Kat would know. She’s the original blood splattered “exotic” dancer. Sure, the tips are good, but after a while you start to lose your edge and maybe a leg. But when you’re good, DAYUM! You’re good.

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