Plan 9 From Outer Space – Remaking a Craptastic Classic

Ed Wood’s 1959 classic Plan 9 From Outer Space is toted as one of the worst horror films ever made. Obviously whoever thinks that hasn’t seen 2004’s Zombie Nation.

Never watched Ed Wood’s masterpiece? Then you’re missing out on sexpot zombies (read: Vampira). And aliens (read: humans in space suits). And solarbonite (read: EXPLODING SUNSHINE!).

Plan 9 From Outer Space is ridiculously hysterical. And? A remake is on its way!

A while back a trailer for a Plan 9 From Outer Space remake hit the web – and fans went CRAZY. Including yours truly.

And now? John Johnson, the man responsible for this masterpiece, has teamed up with Darkstone Entertainment and is near wrapping up  filming on a full feature flick. And bonus? Hottie Mc-Hot Pants Brian Krause (known best from his role as Leo Wyatt from WB’s Charmed) is playing the role of Jeff Kent.

Judging by the trailer and behind the scenes shots released on their website? Plan 9 Round 2 looks like it might just be as fun as the original.

And we can’t wait.

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