Grotesquely Great: The Goriest Movie Moments Part IV: Sliced

Blood! Brains! Bile! Exclamation marks!

As a gore fiend, some of the things I look forward to the most in horror flicks is the disturbing and often over the top annihilation scenes. Keep your good acting and logical plot and give me the comical or creepy carnage.

Lets kick off this round of grotesquely great movie moments with our favorite sliced and diced moments!

Slither – Splitting Headache

Movies about aliens slugs are awesome (see: Night of the Creeps or Slugs) – but even better? Movies about slugs monsters that don’t simply slither – they slice. But in his defense, I’m not a big creepy crawly person either – so I’d probably lose my guts too.

Ghost Ship – Cutting Through The Crowd

Lines may suck – but I bet steel cable lines splitting through your flesh suck more. Ghost Ship was just an alright flick – but this scene? Was not expecting that.

Ichi the Killer – Two Faced

Two faced people are kinda lame. However, one face made into two? SUPER AWESOME. If you haven’t witnessed the glory of Ichi the Killer yet? Do yourself a favor and indulge.

13 Ghosts – Services 1/2 Off

Okay, the best part of 13th Ghosts? Hot naked bathtub chick. Second best part? Watching this douche-bag go down. Want to know if your lawyers a slime ball? Try cutting him in half a la 13 Ghosts style.

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