Bad Vibes: Hippy Werewolves?

According to Fangoria –  David Gebroe, the man behind Zombie Honeymoon, is finally bringing us horror fans a new flick. And this time? Less zombies and more werewolves. About damn time.

However this will not be you run of the mill bloodthirsty hell hounds (my personal favorite) – instead, Gebroe’s new flick Bad Vibes is about….squarewolves.

Yes…you read that right. Check out the synopsis below.

“BAD VIBES is a hippie werewolf movie that literalizes the death of the ’60s. Set in the Bay Area during late 1969, it’s about a psychedelic rock band called Sunrise Majesty who sequester themselves away on their communal ranch while they work on their new album. Unfortunately, their lead singer Max has contracted a mysterious venereal disease that transforms him into a werewolf—but not the kind that’s affected by full moons. Max transforms every time he’s around a square, making him more like a ‘squarewolf.’ When in the company of other hippies, he finds himself compelled to have sex with them to spread the ‘disease.’ After transforming the rest of the band, Sunrise Majesty holds a love-in on their ranch to which only their most die-hard fans are invited. The plan? To have sex with them all, transform them into ‘squarewolves’ and send them out into the world to eliminate the terminally unhip. This will be the next step in the evolution of the werewolf film.”

I love me some hippies AND werewolves – but together? Not so sure flower picking lycans do it for me.

However it seems John Landis (American Werewolf in London) has stepped up as a pseudo-executive producer. So while the flick may not be frightening – Bad Vibes could turn out to be a pretty decent were-comedy.

What are you thoughts? I’d love to hear them. And keep a look out on GoresTruly for more news about the flick as it hits the filming stage.

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