Sexiest Werewolves Part 1 – Werebabes

It’s a given fact that almost everyone considers vampires “sexy.” Sure . . . they have fangs. They bite. Cute.

But I like some bark with my bite.  What’s sexier than claws, growling, and an uncontrollable hunger? Pretty much nothing.

Lycans never get enough love. And it’s pretty surprising since so many of them are bangin’.

So let’s kick off Part 1 of Gores Truly’s featurette on the sexiest were-babes out there with none other than . . .

Michelle Pfeiffer (Laura Alden) – Wolf

Blonde, strong – and loves riding bareback (horses that is) – Laura took on Jack Nicholson as Will Randal and only came out with a scratch. And well… a curse, but that’s besides the point.

Katharine Isabelle (Ginger Fitzgerald) – Ginger Snaps

Ginger Snaps is a fantastic series in the werewolf genre – it follows Ginger and her less foxy sister Brigitte’s adventures in lycanthropy. We wants the redhead! Covered in blood and leaving a trail of devestation behind her.

Elisabeth Brooks (Marsha Quist) – The Howling

I’m not going to lie. Marsha was kinda a bitch – one hot, sassy, she-bitch that is. The Howling is possibly one of the greatest werewolf flicks ever made – and bonus? She gets naked and has one of the best werewolf sex scenes on film.

Sybil Danning (Stirba) – The Howling II

The best werewolf sexy scene? The wolfie threesome with Stirba – Queen of the Werewolves. It almost makes up for how god-awful this movie is. Almost.

Agnes Bruckner (Vivian) – Blood and Chocolate

For all you hopeless romantics out there – meet Vivian. Young, blonde – and promised to some hot, sexy werebeast. But she has the jones for some mortal dude. Not the smartest pup in the litter – but she’s still pretty to look at, amiright?

Sheri Moon Zombie (Eva Krupp) – Werewolf Women of the SS

Fierce. Fiesty. Evil. I don’t condone real violence – but could literally stare at Sheri Moon Zombie all day if she walked around in barely-there-pleather. More half-naked Sheri keeps all us fans begging for a feature length version of Rob Zombie’s Werewolf Women of the SS .

Anna Paquin (Laurie) – Trick ‘r Treat

When she’s not all up a vampire’s ass (read: SOOKIE) – Anna Paquin is… well… fucking hot. And even more so when she’s ripping off her skin with a pack of other equally smoking werebitches, eating their dates alive.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where we feature some of the sexiest male werewolves out there. Did I miss one? Love to see who you think should of made the cut.

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