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So you may have caught our write-up on the awesome (read: super addictive) Army of Darkness Defense iPhone app a few weeks ago.  A first person shooter game that allows you to be Ash and duel out some serious damage to cackling Necronomicons and entire armies of Deadites (boneheads, really).

Badass, right?

Well, it seems that… was a teaser. Recently, Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert of Ghost House Pictures, and Trigger Apps have decided to join forces in bringing cult horror to the mainstream digital age. And the result?

The Evil Dead App

Thirty levels, two chapters, and ridiculous amounts of digital bloody splatter. Hell, yes.

The first chapter follows the plot of 1981’s Evil Dead, Ash and company head out to the cabin in the woods for a little relaxation and fornication – until they find the Book of the Dead. And as expected – all hell breaks lose. And your job? Complete some missions – which include everything from killing deadites to chopping down possessed plant life.

Best part? The gore. So much that the game literally forces you to wipe it off your screen just to see what you’re doing.  It took me a hot minute to figure out how to control the game, but it definately provides entertainment between meetings.  Any hardcore fans will love the random and infamous Ash one-liners strewn throughout.

Trailer 1:

Game Play Trailer:

So far? I’m hooked quicker than you can say Klaatu Verada Nicto.

I haven’t made it to Chapter 2 just yet – but apparently it takes a stab about what happens after the film. And this? I have to see.

Head over to the iPhone app store here to pick it up – or check out the official website.

Photos courtesy of Evil Dead App official homepage.

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