Trailer: Super Hybrid

Release: August 23, 2011 on Blu-Ray and DVD

Starring: Shannon Beckner, Oded Fehr, and Ryan Kennedy

Director: Eric Valette

Writers: Benjamin Carr

Plot: Late one night, a mysterious car is brought into the Chicago police impound garage after a deadly traffic accident. The on-call mechanics soon discover the car has a mind of its own. With hundreds of horsepower and two tons of reinforced steel at its command, it’s a seemingly unstoppable killing machine capable of outrunning — and outwitting — humans.

Thoughts: I instantly think of Christine and Maximum Overdrive which are awesome classics, but can this be as good as its predecessors?  I guess we’ll have to see.  I’m definitely a fan of Oded Fehr.  Now I wanna go watch Maximum Overdrive

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