Wolfman Reboot Scored a Director – Introducing “Werewolf”

Move over Benicio Del Toro – theres a new wolf in town.

Say WHAT!?

That’s right. According to MovieHole – Universal’s Reboot (yes, again) of The Wolfman – to be called “Werewolf” finally has a director.

Louis Mornea who has previously directed The Hitcher IICarnosaur 2, Joy Ride 2, and Bats has signed up for the job. With all those 2’s after his name it’s no surprise he’d be down for The Wolfman 2er….”Werewolf“.

This film, however, is meant to be a stand-alone francise – and hopefully, will do much better than his direct-to-DVD flicks.


Thoughts? Personally, I’m excited for just about anything lycan-themed. So don’t be surprized if you see a lot more updates here as they are released.

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