Juan of the Dead – Cuba’s First Zombie Film

You know what’s almost better then a good zombie flick? A great zomcom.

And it’s not every day you catch a trailer for one that really looks like it can stand next to hard hitters like Shaun of The Dead, Dead Alive, and Zombie Land.



Meet Juan. Juan of the Dead.

Juan is your every day dude – and when Havana, Cuba is hard hit by the plague of the dead –  it’s up to Juan to save everyone. And maybbbeee make a little cash too.

Juan of the Dead is Cuba’s first attempt at the zombie genre and isn’t just a simple horror-comedy. No, according to Director Alejandro Brugues – it’s very much a social commentary too (a bit of a trend with zombie films). Cuba has been in a state of turmoil for years, so what’s a little apocalypse on top of it?

Plot Synopsis:

In the film, an entire city is overrun by zombies while Cuba’s Communist leaders insist it is just a plot by US-backed dissidents to bring down the government.

So it is left to hero Juan – played by Cuban actor Alexis Diaz de Villegas – to rid the island of the undead for money.

But as the zombie outbreak begins to spread, he is left with no choice but to fight for his own survival.

- BBC Interview with Alejandro Brugues

No word on an American release yet – but I can’t wait to see this. Thoughts?

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