The Violent Kind (2010)

After its premiere at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, The Violent Kind was released to DVD back in May and most recently released for instant streaming on Netflix earlier this month. And now, I bring you a disjointed review. It may or may not make sense but at least you can enjoy some visuals – kinda like the film.

Sex. Violence. Rock ‘n’ Roll. You like these things? The Violent Kind has them. Oh yes, it does. Though at times it moves a bit slower than one would expect a film that has the word “violent” in  the title.

Bloody, demented, twisted, fucked up. That’s what you get when rowdy Hillbilly biker kids meet supernatural Rockabillies straight out of the 1950s. There are some seriously brutal scenes and sick make-up FX. The film also had me on the edge of my seat during some well-shot sequences that built extreme tension and anticipation and bloody good cinematography.

It’s a blend of genres – cheesy, slasher, gore-fast, supernatural, spiritual, torture, psychological… creepy and cryptic. Turns from a Hillbilly party  into a Rockabilly nightmare complete with blood rituals AND sacrifice.

You’ve heard of close encounters of the third kind and probably of the fourth kind, too… but how about the violent kind? You probably haven’t – and I can’t tell you if you’d enjoy this movie or not based on if you like other types of movies. The plot isn’t mind-bogglingly complex but the movie certainly takes the viewer on a ride through various genres and feels.

I believe that The Violent Kind is best enjoyed on a lazy Sunday by horror fans looking for a decent amount of gore and indie actors. Just sit back. Pop open a beer. Enjoy the ride. And the freakin’ amazing soundtrack.

“All this killing and violence, so unnecessary but seems to be the only thing you people respond to.”

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