Love Bites – Why Werewolves Hate Virgins

Just caught wind of a new werewolf movie coming out and no – I’m not talking about the train wreck that The Howling Reborn will be.

Love Bites – plot synopsis from the Hollywood Reporter:

School is out and the holidays have begun in the gloomy seaside town of Rainmouth. Forced to work at his pot-head mother’s B&B and to hear about his four horny friends’ sexploits, 18-year-old Jamie is desperate to escape. That is until he meets Juliana, a mysterious and beautiful American traveler. But there’s a more sinister newcomer in town: a werewolf preying on virgins – and Rainmouth becomes a hunting ground.

Sooo… basically, the moral of the movie is either have sex or get yourself a stockpile of silver bullets.


Filming for Love Bites starts next month in Scotland and will be directed by Andy de Emmony, and so far starring Ed Speeler, Jessica Szhors (some chick from Gossip Girl), and Luke Pasqualino.

Sorry, if I just don’t sound excited about this one. Let’s hope I eat my words as more news spills about it but for fucks sake Hollywood – either lay off the lycanthropes or at least draft up a good script.

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