Decomposing Dances

I can easily spend hours watching dance numbers online. No joke. Probably has something to do with my performance background and passion for dancing. I can also spend a fair amount of time watching videos with zombie/undead themes. So what happens when I get both rolled into one?

Sadly, there aren’t nearly as many zombie dance routines on the internet as there should be… so I spent more time searching than actually watching. But I can tell you that I’ve watched these dances more than five times each.

For those of you into dance – here are my top five decomposing dances for your YouTube playlists and enjoyment!

5. Universal Studios Dancers 2008 –  “The Beautiful People” by Marilyn Manson (Choreography: unknown)

A neat performance done at Universal Studios Hollywood. I’ve never seen any zombie dancers at Universal Studios Orlando, but I really wish they would do something like this too. Bring out your (un)dead again, Universal!

4. Glee – “Thriller”/”Heads Will Roll” by Michael Jackson/Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Choreography: Zach Woodlee)

If you don’t like (or watch) Glee, chances are you’ll never see this. The dancing is fantastic, the makeup is very well done, and the mash-up of the two songs is catchy. I wish that the Superbowl had a halftime show of this caliber. Zombies + football = always a good time.

3. So You Think You Can Dance – “They’re Everywhere” by Izza Kizza (Choreography: Shane Sparks)

Wanna watch something sexy? Zombie hip hop. Seriously. Just watch it.

2. “Thriller” by Michael Jackson (Choreography: Michael Peters)

It’s one of the firsts and still has people trying to break records of mass “Thriller” dance gatherings to this day. Pretty sick makeup and MJ’s sweet dance moves make this video something I can watch over and over again.

1. So You Think You Can Dance – “Ramalama Bang Bang” by Roisin Murphy (Choreography: Wade Robson)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this dance routine. Well, this one AND the original with the group of 20 dancers from season 2 of SYTYCD. I love it so very much. The technique, the moves, the dancers (in both videos), the costumes, everything. Such a very interesting dance to watch… and take some moves and inspiration from, too!

Original Routine

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