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I love horror photography. There are so many different styles of horror to shoot – creepy, gory, disturbing, monsters, scary, all of the above at once… and I really love when photographers explore various subgenres of horror through their work. LaLaLauren is a great example of a killer artist who does just that. A friend introduced me to her photography through Facebook and her portfolio just keeps on expanding. It’s safe to say there are more than a few prints I’d love to hang in my living room! Her horror interests are diverse and her creativity isn’t limited to one media – check out LaLaLauren’s killer photography!

GT: What sparked your interest in Horror?

LaLaLauren: Well, when I was a kid, I was terrified of all horror movies, ghosts, aliens, the dark. You name it, I was afraid of it. Actually, all thanks to the movie Poltergeist and that damn clown… go figure. I somehow was still able to read Fear Street books and Stephen King novels and had no problem with them. Odd, right? After realizing how silly it was that I was afraid to SEE a movie that was scary, but had no problem reading these books, I started watching every horror film I could! The remake of House on Haunted Hill and also playing horror-related video games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill were the start of my new true love.

GT: What’s your favorite style of Horror to photograph?

LaLaLauren: I love it all, honestly. The more gruesome, the better! I love fake blood and even make my own. Edible and non-edible.

GT: What are some of your horrific inspirations and muses?

LaLaLauren: A lot of foreign horror films inspire my ideas! Lots of stuff no one has ever heard of until the remake comes out a year later (haha!).

Also, watching the news will inspire some ideas for a shoot or for a story to write. The real world is a hell of a lot scarier than where my mind goes sometimes.

GT: Do you pursue any other forms of art or is photography it?

LaLaLauren: I write! I’m in the process of three movie scripts. One paranormal based, another revenged based, and the last is a zombie film!

I always have too many ideas going on, so I always carry around my camera, a pen, and a notebook in case inspiration hits! Lately, I’ve been doing mostly photography, but some time in the very near future you’ll see a script of mine out there.

GT: Who are your favorite artists?

LaLaLauren: Jamie Henderson – he does all of my horror-themed tattoos and is hands down one of the best artists I’ve ever had the pleasure of being friends with, Joel Peter Witkin – I thank Kat Von D for mentioning this artist to me when I had met her at a book signing. He’s amazing, and oh so morbid! Francisco Goya – his depiction of Saturn eating his child is just… intense!

GT: Do you have a favorite Horror villain/monster?

LaLaLauren: Freddy Krueger! He’s witty, he’s creepy, he’s a sicko. I love every single Nightmare on Elm Street film EXCEPT the horrendous remake. It’s not a Freddy movie if it’s not Robert Englund.

GT: What message(s) do you hope to convey through your photography?

LaLaLauren: Creepy CAN be beautiful.

LaLaLauren, thank you so much for letting us get to know you a bit better! The Murder-Hers of Gores Truly look forward to your future projects and wish you the best with your screenplay writing! Please keep us updated with your work.

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