Munster’s Moving Back Into Living Rooms Everywhere

Bryan Fuller – the mind behind Pushing Daisies and Star Trek Voyager has officially joined forces with NBC to bring not only the much anticipated Hannibal series to the small screen – but apparently, a rehashing of the 1960’s family comedy The Munsters.

According to Deadline TV:

Fuller originally developed a reboot of the 1960s comedy series The Munsters last season and his was one of very few scripts new NBC chief Bob Greenblatt kept in play when he took over the network in January. Greenblatt rolled the project to get it redeveloped by his team. Fuller’s new outline submitted in September was received well (it was the talk of NBC’s pre-Emmy party), and his draft was just delivered on Friday. Word is that NBC, which may pull the trigger on a series order as early as this week, envisions the new Munsters as a potential summer or event series.

We have faith in Bryan Fuller’s ability to make this reboot as fantastic as the original. Let’s just hope the show avoids the  fate of the 1980’s attempt (catastrophe) – The Munster’s Today.

Stay tuned to Gores Truly for more news as it’s released!

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