The Ugly (1997)

Something about flicks set in hospitals or mental institutions really freaks me out. Maybe it’s the demented patients or the usually (albeit stereotypical) abusive staff and doctors that wig me out. Not only is The Ugly set in a mental institution, but it also has the added supernatural holy-shit-that’s-fucked-up-I’m-never-looking-in-a-mirror-again-or-closing-my-eyes-in-the-shower element.

The Ugly, a Kiwi film from 1997 directed by Scott Reynolds, has all of the above plus a demented patient/subject who is a serial killer and doesn’t believe he’s a serial killer. Tormented and tortured by spirits or is it just a part of his psyche? Hmmm. This is a psychological horror movie that gets in your head as you are taken through Simon’s memories of past murders and life experiences.

This movie is deeply disturbing. It’s not fun or funny. It’s calculating, dark, surreal, and disjointed. Think Silence of the Lambs sans skin-wearing pervos and add bizarre specters of the supernatural realm. It is definitely  a late 90s gem that more horror fans should check out.

Like most flicks I truly enjoy, I believe the less you know about it going in, the better. But this is the synopsis from IMDB:

A female psychologist wants to understand the mind of a confessed serial killer who spent the last five years in a mental hospital because of his state.

Yeah, just watch it.

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