Shop ‘Til You Drop Dead: Holiday Horror Edition!

We Murder-Hers dig our fair share of blood, bile, and boobs – but sometimes we need a little splurging to go along with the splatter.

Considering it’s that time of the year – and you’re probably just as busy as us you don’t want to deal with fighting the zombies at the mall. Here are a few rad things you can pick up to check off some of the names from your nice (or naughty) list!

Diamond Select Universal Monster Toys
We can’t get enough of these figures. From The Creature to the Bride to Frankenstein’s Monster – and classic horror collector will LOVE these toys.$18.99-30.99

Gingerdeadman Ornament

Have a zombie fan in your life? Then they may love this fresh undead little guy. Check out Neatorama’s other horror themed ornaments too.


  Tales from the Crypt (Complete Series)A must have for any fan of the cult classic series.



Arkham Horror (Game)

A special H.P Lovecraft fan in your life? Then they NEED this game. Enjoy with up to 8 players – never play the same game twice – and enjoy having the fate of the WORLD at your hands.



Movie Monster Oven Mitts

The quickest way to anyone’s heart? Through their chest. Through their stomach works as well. Check out these great horror oven mitts from darklingdoll over at etsy!



And don’t forget to pick up your Gores Truly 2011-2012 Horror Pin-Up Calendar to support Scares That Care!

Keep a look out for more creepy cute stuff we find in the future, and let us know if you have a favorite virtual chopping mall you’d like us to check out.

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