Dino Wolf (2011)

So what does one call a prehistoric werewolf? Dino Wolf, of course! Because… why the hell not? Oh, and unlike Dino Wolf – Wolf-Rex sounds, uh… completely ridiculous.

Originally titled “Dire Wolf,” Dino Wolf takes place in the mountain community of Santa Mira Springs, where scientists decided it was a damn good idea to screw with human DNA (haven’t they learned their lesson, yet?) and mix it with pre-historic dire wolf DNA.

The results?

One giant old pissed off werewolf.

Besides the ridiculous name and questionable acting seen in the trailer – I plan on giving Dino Wolf a chance – because apparently it’s completely CGI-free. And although I highly doubt it does a good job of homaging Rick Baker‘s work in American Werewolf in London – I’m kind of over the whole CGI-rat werewolf trend. It also doesn’t hurt that it stars Gil Gerard (Buck Rogers!) and Maxwell Caulfield (Hunk from Grease 2).

Stay tuned to Gores Truly for a full review soon – and if you’ve already seen it, I’d love to hear your thoughts. For those who can’t wait – Dino Wolf is available on Amazon for 14.99.


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