6 Degrees of Hell (2012)

It’s no secret that the ladies of Gores Truly love films that portray women as they should be – not wimps. So we were thrilled to learn that 6 Degrees of Hell, an upcoming horror flick written by Harrison Smith and directed by Joe Raffa, was made to please both the male and female horror audience. 6 Degrees of Hell is about a girl named June and the supernatural forces attached to her that are hellbent on destroying everything in its path.

However, despite the tragic and horrifying occurences in the film – June, albeit imperfect, is apparently far from the type of women prevalent in modern horror movies who would rather (topless) run from the knife-wielding psycho than fight back.  Check out some snippets from the official blog below – and although we’ve already shared it – check out the trailer again below. We can’t wait to see what 6 Degrees of Hell has in store for us female horror nuts.


A friend once said that above quote to me. He said he saw a definite emasculation of males in movies. Guys were way too pretty and their female counterparts were often tougher than they were. He said he saw this in real life as well, where guys now prepare for dates by shaving and “Nairing” their chests, waxing eyebrows, and having their hair done or tanning.

Anakin Skywalker is a whining mess and prettier than Natalie Portman, Ryan Reynolds just couldn’t make us believe he was macho enough to be a superhero in Green Lantern. Size these guys and dozens of others up against Kate Winslet, Robin Wright, and Sigourney Weaver and they will shrink before them. We made this film with our female audience in mind.

Plot: Six people and their lives are stitched together by a supernatural force that has laid claim to one of them. A Halloween haunted establishment is ground zero for a paranormal perfect storm inadvertently touched off by a seemingly random series of events.

Cast: Corey Feldman (Lost Boys, The Goonies), Jill Whelan (Love Boat), Nicole Cinaglia, David J. Bonner, and more. 


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