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I’m definitely looking forward to checking this out. Could be some good internet fun!


A new eerie anthology web series, Twisted Showcase, is heading your way. Twisted Showcase is a mixture of self-contained horror, drama, psychological thriller, and comedy; much like a modern-day Twilight Zone, but delivered in 5 short film installments for the web at

Twisted Showcase was conceived and produced by Rhys Jones, Robin Bell, and Leigh Jones who all wanted to create something new for the web in tone and style, utilising the anthology approach which means that each week will have a completely new plot, new characters; all around something completely different. It’s a showcase for new ideas and a celebration of the weird, with unlimited imagination and scope, not limited by settings, character, or even genre.  Twisted Showcase aims to entertain with straight up scares as well as cerebral psychological horror that will hopefully deliver something that will stay with viewers for a long time afterwards.

Episode 1, “Peter & Paul” launches the series on Thursday, March 1st and stars Gareth David Lloyd (Torchwood) in the lead role of Paul, a man plagued by a voice on the other end of a phone which also happens to be his hand.

Stay tuned every Thursday after that for more Twisted Showcase episodes which include insanity, fear, the devil, vampires, possession, and hoovering.

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