Alan Ball Leaving True Blood

Forbes reports that creator, Alan Ball, will no longer be the Head Writer of the show, True Blood.

Sookie and her pals from HBO’s True Blood are losing their creator. Alan Ball will step down from being headwriter of the show about sexy vampires mixing it up in New Orleans. Explanations include exhaustion, and maybe that the show seemed like it had tired blood last season. Ball will still be with the show, but a new regime will guide the fates of the characters into their new season. This could also very well be a money issue, as series tend to get more and more expensive as they drag on.

To be completely honest, there are a few of us here at Gores Truly that aren’t particularly sad over the news. The last season of True Blood wasn’t exactly stellar.  Okay, maybe some of us were screaming at the TV in frustration over some of the characters and the direction the story was going. Eric turning into a whiny baby amnesiac?  NOT COOL.

Hopefully with the loss of Alan Ball, there will be fresh blood that will turn things around in True Blood and bring it back to the series that we love.

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