Twisted Showcase: Episode 1 – Peter and Paul


Psychological. That’s the the first word that comes to mind after watching the first Twisted Showcase episode.  Gareth David Lloyd portrays a tortured Paul who speaks to “Peter” via his hand-phone very well. In fact, if the episode only had him in it, it would have been better. Jessica was an empty character who really only contributes one thing to the story which could have been achieved without actually introducing her character.  An interesting concept but perhaps it could have been a little longer to build up the suspense. The use of warped voices and sound added some creep-factor but it was limited. “Peter and Paul” was just shy of conveying a bizarre psychological isolation that would have given this episode more success. But I did get a good chortle every time Paul’s hand-phone rang. Love that quirky humor.

Peter and Paul (Episode 1)


Paul — Gareth David Lloyd
Peter — Gareth David Lloyd
Jessica — Beth Mascarenhas

Director : Leigh A. Jones
Story: Richard Holland
Screenplay: Richard Holland & Robin Bell
Editor: Leigh A. Jones
Camera Operator:  Rhys Jones
Make up: Beth Mascarenhas

Music – Spaceships Over Deeside

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