Slasher Shorts – Red Moon (2011)

Bevare the volf...

Red Moon is a short film about a Soviet submarine commander – and… a werewolf. It’s very low-budget and very high cheese, yet it has managed to snag showings in the Atlanta Film Festival, St. Louis International Film Festival and the 2012 Oxford Film Festival.

So I just couldn’t pass up seeing what all the hype was about (that’s right – for ONCE Soviet submarines and werewolves wasn’t enough to sell me).

And? I found myself highly amused. Red Moon, directed by Jimmy Marble and written by Doug Sacrison and Jimmy Marble is a hilariously (albeit haphazardly) pieced together short film that not only made me laugh – but spend the ENTIRE rest of the evening trying to pull off the shittiest russian accent I possibly could. So if you’re not too picky about special effects, good acting, or wolf-bear-man-things (just watch) – but really want to see some creative cats taking a witty stab at the age-old werewolf story check out the summary – and the short film yourself below.


Captain Alexei Ovechkin, a total russian playboy with the most bitching handlebar mustache in the world, got the hots for this dark sexy little minx (who happened to be rumored to be a werewolf). But did Ovechkin care? Of course, not! What’s a little hair, teeth, and curse when you have insanely awesome legs like that? So when the full moon came – Captain Ovechkin chose love over life, and thus was turned into…

Same WTF face I had dude.

A… werewolf? Yeah…

Sooo anyways, he ends up killing a bunch of people, feels super bad about it and decides one day to enlist in the naval fleet solely so he can dive deep beneath the ocean and avoid the effects of the full moon. Pretty brilliant idea if you ask me. Until you know… “American scum” start firing at this submarine, somehow volcanoes explode and BAM. Ovechkin and his crew land in the dead sea – where moonlight avoiding depths are impossible to achieve.

Well… crap.

Ve are crewmen! Er... crew...

But a good Commander is always prepared! He instructs his bearded manly (yes, even the chicks) crew to gather all the silver in the sub and prepare to kill him. Except you know, silver is not easy to come by. But luckily they find some American silver dollars. And? “If silver doesn’t kill him – then poison of American decadence? Will.

You’re damn right it will. 

To avoid spoiling the dramatic ending – I’ll let those of you who’ve stomached through the ridic of this summary indulge in a little more visual ridic that is Red Moon. Kudos to all parties involved – here’s to hoping your brilliant little short gets you guys places.


RED MOON from Sirocco Research Labs on Vimeo.

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