Prometheus: Confessions of a Hopeful Fan

I have so many articles to write. Reviews waiting. News to post. Films that need to be watched… the backlog is pretty big, but I keep coming back to one thing in my mind. It’s pushing all other horror from my brain, even Cabin in the Woods and that was amazing. I can’t think about anything else. I can’t focus. I think I may have a problem and it all became out of control with David.

Meet David 8. Please wish him a Happy Birthday.

We posted this on the Facebook page a little while ago and I honestly can’t stop thinking about the heatedly anticipated summer flick Prometheus. It has consumed my twisted little soul. I’m so excited I’m having a devil of a  time writing this in a way that forms my thoughts into complete sentences…

First. Ridley Scott makes fucking good movies. His resume reads like a Top Ten list. Alien, Blade Runner, Legend, G.I. Jane, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down. Dude has some serious vision… and Prometheus will mark his return to the Science Fiction direction. He’s so good I can’t even say Sci-Fi. It seems too trite for the quality of film he makes.

When I was a child (we’re talking diapers, naps, and a pacifier – wee wee child, maybe three), my horrible uncle tried to scare me before an afternoon nap with explaining the film Alien to me and how these scary worm-like creatures burst through your chest killing you. I think he used a tauntaun figure as an analog for the chestburster… I thought it was hysterical. He thought I was disturbed.

Alien was a masterpiece. I can’t remember how old I was when I finally saw my nap-time story, but it was way, way too young by normal parenting standards. A fusion of the insanely twisted mind of H.R. Geiger and directing virtuoso Scott. For me, this was the epitome of what the franchise was about. Aliens was a phenomenal sequel, but it took the horror more towards the action realm and less of the I’m-so-scared-I’m-going-to-vomit realm. Alien 3, while iconic in some ways, but in other ways it lost some of the punch. Alien Resurrection, sigh. Then the Alien vs. Predator films. Horrible disappointments considering the amazing source material of the books.

When I was just cutting my teeth on fiction reading I somehow got my mitts on Alien: Earth Hive. This was the first novel in an expansive written fiction universe and the beginning of my absolute love of the Alien and subsequently, Predator franchises. The books I found absolutely terrifying on so many levels. More so than the films honestly. The creatures themselves. The high science of androids, artificial life, corporate oligarchy, space travel, ancient alien cultures, and the colonial marines (this later translated into my love of Halo). It was violent, dirty, human at its rawest. THIS was my escape.  I was ten.

The books gave me a tight-chested anxiety. A thrill and a desire to know everything about this universe. It was so thorough. So full and detailed. And so damn creepy. Not just the whole sophisticated unstoppable killing alien part, but everything about the Weyland Corporations creeped me the hell out. Not to mention the characters! I wanted to be the kind of woman Ripley was. I wanted to have the composure that Machiko Noguchi exudes. Grit. Steel. Survivors! This series had something that this young girl thrived on… A universe that had pivotal roles played by extremely strong women, and I honestly think it was instrumental to the person I have become.

Why do I bother you with the pedigree of my insatiable nerdom? So that you can understand when I say…

Prometheus makes me really, really nervous.


Because it looks really, really good.

Look at it! Look at how good it looks!

After the disappointments in Resurrection and AvP, I honestly didn’t want to get my hopes up. My love was increasingly bruised by the films. But against every desire to protect my fragile little fan heart from future pain, Ridley Scott is coaxing fanaticism out of me. The trailers leave so much to our imagination, but still supply me with the pique that has taken root in my brain. Music, sound, visuals, unspeakable horror. A beautiful return to all the things that made Alien so compelling. There are even allusions that this film may even answer the 33-year-old question of who is the Space Jockey? Then add the fantastically done David 8 video and the Weyland Industries website. It’s such a thorough attention to detail. It makes Prometheus feel so much more like reality with the ultimate message that… humanity will be its own downfall. It’s all promised with open hands that Prometheus, that THIS will be exactly what it should be. Absolutely amazing. And I am filled with hope.

In closing, I leave you with the words of Peter Weyland:

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