Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies

Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies is NOT to be confused with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Both flicks feature a former (and dead) President taking up arms against undead forces. However, Vampire Hunter has a bigger budget and is based on a Seth Graham-Smith novel and vs. Zombies is  lower budget, indie flick riding on the zombie craze wave.

Richard Schenkman (known to genre fans for his The Man From Earth with Tony Todd) is directing from his own screenplay for The AsylumAbraham Lincoln vs. Zombies stars Bill Oberst Jr. as Lincoln and is set for a May 29, 2012 release date.

Oberst, known to over 60 million Facebook users as the cyber-stalker in Jason Zada’s viral Facebook application Take This Lollipop, says it is one of the best roles he’s ever had, and he’s playing it straight. “Richard Schenkman’s script is an incredibly fun mix of alternate history and horror. This is very much the Lincoln of history… except that he battles the walking dead with a bloody farm implement.”

Many of the film’s lead zombies are being played by self-professed ‘zombie geeks;’ actors who specialize in portraying the undead, like Perry Foster (Arise; The Walking Dead). The production is operating under a ‘curse’ placed on it by an anonymous Savannah, GA resident who wrote in an e-mail to The Asylum. ”I place the Curse Of Savannah upon your head and may it follow you the rest of your life if you make this film here. You have been warned.” Savannah locations have included the historic Fort Pulaski, where Confederate troops battled a Union onslaught in 1862, leaving nearly 400 dead.

The plot: While the Civil War rages on, President Abraham Lincoln must undertake an even more daunting task; Destroying the Confederate Undead.

“I think horror fans are a lot smarter than we are generally given credit for,” says Oberst. “Zombie fans will love it, of course, but so will those into alternate history, a big interest of mine; while battling the zombie scourge Lincoln encounters General Stonewall Jackson (Don McGraw,) his old love Mary Owens (Baby Norman), and a young Teddy Roosevelt (Canon Kuipers) and every one of them is presented as they were in history. It’s like an unknown chapter in a very kick-ass history book.”

– Source: Bill Oberst Jr.’s site

Perry Foster as a lead zombie, created by the production’s key make-up artist Renonda Anderson.

Check out Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies on IMDB  and The Asylum’s site.

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