Iron Sky (2012) – Nazis From The Moon

The MOMENT I heard there was a movie about an invasion flick involving WWII Nazis who occupied the moon – I HAD to see it. HAD TOO. And along with all the other so bad it’s good fans out there – this has been one hell of a wait for us. But?

Iron Sky has finally arrived. And so? Have some seriously pissed off Nazis.

Iron Sky takes place in the year 2018. Cities are crowded. Everything’s done on touch-screen computers and the President of the United States is Sarah Palin. I mean… uh… an unnamed woman with a seriously thick accent, who is rather fond of dead animal decor and is almost so perky you want to pull a Kids in the Hall and squish her head every time she’s on screen. Ahem.

Anyways, Sarah The President of the United States is up for re-election and has decided that sending a ‘brother’ to the moon will rocket her campaign ratings. Because cutting taxes just doesn’t have that ‘wow’ factor. Well, it turns out that wasn’t such a great idea.

When the shuttle-craft lands on the dark side of the moon (damn you, Pink Floyd), it’s overrun by Nazis – living in a swastika-shaped base no less. You see, in 1945 a refugee band of Nazis occupied the moon in order to build their ranks and prepare for a massive invasion of earth.

How did we not think of that!?

Anyways – thanks to James Washington (the aforementioned ‘brother’), these space Nazis get ahold of modern technology and find the exact thing they need to launch their giant death machine (yay iPhones!) and finally occupy the entire planet. And how to they plan on launching the invasion? Using the Götterdämmerung and several bitchingly-equipped zeppelin-like spaceships meant to kick some serious earth-ass, of course.

 I mean, look at this beast.

But before they can launch their attack – they have to run recon. So they turn James Washington white (seriously) – and send him back to earth with two undercover Nazis to gain access to the President of the United States. And? SHE LOVES THEM. Especially their mastery of propaganda. And so she launches her new campaign using the tried and true “COMPLY” scheme mastered by the Germans during WWII. Fabulous!

Without giving too much of the movie away – a battle happens. A really super amazing KICK ASS battle.  The United Nations gets involved. More bitchin’ space warships appear. Super uncomfortably weird love stories develop, betrayal occurs, people explode, mad scientists go well… mad and? Some of the best one-liners EVER occur.

I couldn’t love this movie any more than I already do. You see – the writers of Iron Sky made one of the best equally offensive movies I’ve ever seen. Race, religion, politics – it’s all covered. Everyone has a stab taken at them here, and every stab is glorious.  And surprisingly enough, the special effects are not too shabby – and the acting is superb. I went into this movie willing to accept terrible CGI and German accents – and came out of it pretty damn pleased.

Be sure to pick up your copy here – and let me know what you think. This Blu-ray? Officially a part of my will-watch-a-million-times collection.

Director: Timo Vuorensola

Writers: Johanna Sinisalo, Michael Kalesniko

Starring: Peta SergeantUdo KierStephanie PaulGötz OttoChristopher Kirby and Monika Gossmann


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