Meet the New ‘Queen’ of Scream by Ghost Writer BB Basher

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“Meet the New ‘Queen’ of Scream”

In the realm of horror television, Vampira is the first queen of late night TV. In the 1980’s, Elvira stole that crown. In 2012, there is a new “queen” of late night horror in town, her name? Sharon Needles.

Needles may not be as familiar with the horror crowd as she should be. Her rise to fame came during the fourth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race where her spooky aesthetic and down to earth attitude made her a fan favorite from the beginning. While oft-quoted, her self-description says it best; she is a “stupid genius, reviled sweetheart, and PBR princess.”

Needles won many viewers with her shocking zombie apocalypse runway look for the first challenge on Drag Race. Sharon strutted down the runway in a filthy slip dress that looked like it was created from the earth itself. She made a bold statement by rocking a bald cap and crown of barbed wire; all of this overshadowed by the blood she spurted during her walk down the runway. Elvira, as a guest judge of the episode, said Ms. Needles was her kinda ghoul. Sharon, of course, won this challenge and went on to be crowned the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

LogoTV announced on August 29th that a new show would hit their airwaves, FEARce! Hosted by Sharon Needles. The series will launch with FEARCEFest on October 28th through Halloween and continue on Thursdays with host Needles bringing her favorite creepy and campy flicks to TV.

Late night horror hosts hold a special place in American’s hearts. From Vampira to Chilly Billy to Svengoolie – the list is too long to mention here, even Vincent Price and Rob Zombie have gotten in on the action! There will always be a smile when people recollect being terrified out of their minds as young children who snuck out of bed to watch these dark spirits bring horror movies to television.

Most horror host shows of the past included skits to break up the screams or to poke fun at the B-rated movies that were being presented. The documentary, American Scary, is a great look at the history, hosts that brought the laughs, and screams to viewers every night.

Arguably the most famous horror host to grace the screen is the ghoulishly perky Elvira. She can be found in movies, television, music, games, comic books, and even wine. It’s a shame that Ms. Needles had not been a contestant on Elvira’s short-lived Fox Reality Show, The Search for the Next Elvira.

While FEARce! will most likely not be as close to the horror host shows of the past, it will be very interesting to see what Needles will be able to do with the show. If any current figure in pop culture can bring back the horror host show on a national level, it will be Ms. Needles. Given the opportunity she will steal your heart and most likely your kidneys.

About the Author: 

BB is an undead gal from the dark streets of Pittsburgh by way of Baltimore. She enjoys coffee, reading, embroidery, cooking, roller derby, working at haunted houses, zombies and of course all things horror. What more could a girl need?


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