Black Friday – Killer Deals

Black Friday Online Deals


Have a horror fan in your life? Then be sure to check the online giant Amazon for some pretty sweet deals, like Nightmare Before Christmas 3 disc combo ($30), Halloween ($12), Evil Dead ($10), Universal Monster Essential Collection ($129) and The Shining ($15).


Into comics and horror? Us too. Head over to She Creature Bootique today and use the code blackfriday for 15% off all their horror and comic related purses, aprons, jewelry and accessories.






Board games more your thing? Grab the Arkham Horror: Kingsport Horror Expansion for only $36


Horror shirt fiend? Then head over to Fright Rags for some seriously awesome savings on their one of a kind horror shirts. Including posters and a mystery grab bag!




Find any more rad horror deals online? Share them here – we’d love to see and add them!

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