Grabbers (2012)

Grabbers takes place on Erin Island where the community Sheriff is off on holiday and enlists a lady cop from the mainland (Lisa Nolan) to assist his drunken deputy Sheriff (Ciarán O’Shea) to keep the town in order while he is gone. Erin Island isn’t exactly a crime-ridden area, if someone’s going to get arrested – it’s most likely for public intoxication. And even then it’s pretty unfeasible.  So a quiet sloshed Ciarán obviously holds resentment for his new Garda baby sitter – but seems to let it go pretty quickly once the pair discover a batch of beached whales off the coast. Half-eaten beached whales, mind you. Although washing up on shore is not necessarily an uncommon thing for marine life, the pair enlist the help of marine expert Dr. Adam Smith (played by Russel Tovey) and soon discover these whales may not have beached themselves.

Meanwhile a local fisherman named Paddy, quite possibly the best character of this movie, captures himself a sea-monster. Or so he belligerently and drunkenly proclaims. And it turns out? He was right. Some sort of alien-like creature has been breeding and feeding off the shores of Erin Island, and is kind of super pissed that it’s mate was taken. Dubbed ‘grabbers’ for their ability to shoot out tongue-like appendages and suck the blood from their prey – Dr. Adam Smith discovers through a series of importunate events and prodding that the only thing these beings need to survive is water, and blood and? Alcohol is toxic to them. Chaos ensues with daddy and his army of baby squirmy alien pod things come out of the ocean and seek little old Paddy’s “sea-monster”. But the town prevails – with gallons and gallons of whiskey and flare guns. Sweet.

Grabbers embraces the age-old monster movie structure of small town vs. evil being – but spins it just enough to make it fresh and enjoyable. This isn’t middle of nowhere America – this is Ireland. And to be honest, there’s nothing funnier than a bunch of drunken Irish men attempting to save their land from an alien invasion. The script was perfect and the character’s personalities synced so well with one another you almost forget how completely ridiculous and full of holes the plot is – like for instance where the hell did the aliens come from? Regardless – another enjoyable aspect of the movie were the special effects. I can promise you this, if some creepy tentacle alien comes rolling towards me? I’d expect it to look like as uncomfortably frightening as the daddy grabber.


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